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August 22, 2018


Kathleen | ScatteredConfetti

I'm not sure if you wanted to publish this post already ;) but I love every single piece of this!! Such a different colour scheme which makes me really excited for my December album! Can't wait to get my hands on this!


Really like this line! Can't wait to buy it.


What a unique collection. I am actually quite surprised by the style and artistry. The color scheme is exactly where I go each year. I love the unique style of illustrations. It is quite a modern classic! Love the fun new products as well. Always refreshing to add something new to my collection like the paper clips or holiday cards.

Fleur Smith

So excited for this collection. Love the fabric buttons and everything about it. Can’t wait 😃

Mel H

I want this all. All of it. Now! Love love love it.

Sue Hudek

Love all of this so much!

Pam Sohan

Love it !!!

Kelly Massman

it is all so cute but that santa tho (in love)


This is a must have!!

Mams Scrap

Hello, when should I find it in France or Europe please ;-)

Pamela D.

Love this line.....starting some Christmas cards with it today!

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