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October 23, 2017



Ahh it’s all so pretty!


Love the colors and those pom pom frames! Another awesome collection Crate Paper!


oh Wow!!! I love the colours and pattern... and those mini charms?? lovely!

Jena Baker

What a great way to start the week with some "Good Vibes". Thanks for the chance to win this new awesome collection.


Oh how I want this collection so much!!! Fingers crossed!!! Beautiful work you guys!!

Nicole Ciaffone

Those Pom Pom frames and charms!!!! Can’t wait to buy everything!!!

Mel Blackburn

So excited for this collection, it's amazing!!!


Looks amazing!!

Pam Sohan

Oh my gosh.........that llama or alpaca....... IS ADORABLE! Thanks for the chance to win.


Ahhhh it looks amazing! I’m most excited about the frames, I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how collections should have frames more often

Yarisi Rsado

Wao!!! Que lindo♥
I love it, I need it!
Perfect for my projects.
Thank you for the opportunity to win.


Wow... Love the llama!


I just love how bright and fun this collection is!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!!


Those Pom Pom frames look amazing!!!

Michelle Houx

I am so in love with this collection!


This collection is perfection! So amazing!!!


Come on! This is ridiculously cute! I mean; pompom frames? A puffy Llama sticker? This is a typical Crate Paper collection, so YEAH! I would loooooooove to have it before anyone else could buy it! I'm always fishing behind the nets with new collections.. 💖💖💖💖💖💖 YAY! I thought chasing dreams was my fave, but then I saw Oasis, then I saw main squeeze.. UGH! Love them ALL! #fangirlingsohard

Fleur Smith

So awesome love this collection. Good vibes only is my new mantra so I need this collection ❤️

Stephanie PETIT

Waow, amazing collection, perfect for my Mexico trip I did 13 years ago...
Thanks for the chance to win.

Sarah Packer

Ohhhhh I love it! Especially the Llama’s & those Pom Pom frames..... swoon!! 😍😍

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