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September 02, 2016



Loving the magnetic boxes and grid organization system!!!

Dianna deForest

I love the ceramic and magnetic organizers most! But the whole collection is adorable!

Paige Stirling Fox

Love the ceramic organizer and the nesting berries boxes - all of it is so lovely!


Love the berry boxes, but that gold wire hanging organizer is amazing too!


The ceramic organizer really caught my eye. It's cute and functional.


Love love love the wire grid!

Cheryl Schuessler

I'm loving the grid. I think it would be fun to decorate it for the holidays along with all of the useful storage options.

McKenna Southey

Love it all! But the wire grid panel is my favorite, since I'm tight on space this is perfect because it takes up wall space that I have plenty off. Plus, it's gold! Love! And I also really love all of the options that come with having it, all the different ways you can store and organize. It's awesome!


love everything ,beautiful products for organization.


Either the berry baskets or the muffin tins! I can't decide. They're both so pretty!!!!!

D. Winters

This is so wonderful, organized and beautiful at the same time. I would like to win this.


Those ceramic organizers are wonderful! Love the color!

Jenny Simon

love the 3 tier tray and the big paper and embellishment storage shelf.

Miriam Prantner

So many cute things! I love the berry boxes and the muffin tins, so cute and the magnetic box is a GREAT idea!

Brittany Johnson

I love love love the nesting berry baskets! Those are one of my favorite storage containers!

Linda Auclair

Love it! It is the perfect color scheme for my craft room, which is a happy coincidence! 😍

Candace Charette

I love the colors! Love the ceramic muffin tin and berry baskets! Super cute!


Oh my, I Love it all. I can already imagine how my desk will look like in the Future. For that is the most essential thing the desktop Organizer. I Need a place for all the beautiful stickers and thickers.

Nicole Ciaffone

OMG! The ceramic organizer! The grid! The boxes!! I need every single piece to organize my craft room!!!!

Kelsey Noble

That wire hanging rack is gorgeous and so versatile! Just what I need. But I truly love every piece and can imagine them in my craft room!

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