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January 22, 2016


Van Ha

I loved the booth and am glad to hear that it won an award!! Maggie Holmes was a a sweetheart as well! I did feel a little uncomfortable though when I heard the blonde woman tell another CHA attendee that she was hiding the gold tote bags because she was running low. I think I would have rather heard you say you ran out than that you were hiding them because I would have loved one but felt unwelcomed to ask. I didn't stick around long after that. Other than that I happened to really like the new lines coming out.

Shelley P

Gasp, the gold bag! I would so love one of those with Maggie's signature on it. I am peering at two photos with the new collections - Bloom, Hello Love and Shine - trying to get a sneak peek of the releases.


I love the photo of all you wonderful ladies together :)

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