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March 30, 2015


Wendy Sommers

Oh how I love summer and this gorgeous Journey line. We are talking Disney World as a possibiliyy. But what I truly love are our trips to the beach. :)
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Wendy S. - Ottawa, Canada.

Amy Bannon

My family has a lake cottage my Grandpa built so a week up there is heaven. Sunshine, swimming, and good ol' fashioned family fun.

Fetty F

We're planning to have our first ever road trip. It's about 5 hrs drive from our town. We're excited for it's wonderful culinary and historical places. I really hope we can make it.
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome collection!


Due to financial constraints, we will be staying put this summer. However, we live on a farm in the middle of the prairie, so really we are always able to enjoy nature's beauty! Bernice from Alberta, Canada


My mom and I are off to Greece, just the ladies this time :) We're hoping for some fabulous sunshine and beach feeling!

Olga Busova

I so like it! summer I will go to Germany!
Olga Busova, Russia


No upcoming vacation this year as we are looking for a new home. But this collection will be great for my last year trip in West Usa pictures.
This collection is awesome

Claire Furtak
from France


greetings from singapore!
im hoping to win this...we will be heading for a holiday to thailand in a summer & this would be perfect! :)

jas Soong

Catherine Aguilera

Oh my how I love this collection. Perfection!
We are taking our grandson on a Mediterranean Cruise. A special adventure with a special boy.
Catherine Aguilera

susan Tutt

After 4 rounds of chemo and surgery my 16 year old daughter is getting her wish trip of going to Italy! We are so excited to be going as a family and this would be the perfect collection to document our trip! Thank you for the chance to win.

Susan Tutt
Calgary, AB

Shelley P

Annual plans consist of camping with my family and hang out in the backyard with the fire pit. We may go both eastern and western Canada to visit our parents (they live on the opposite sides of the country).

Shelley P
Edmonton, Canada

Kelly malacko

Lots of camping trips this summer. Kelly Malacko from Edmonton, Alberta.

Jen Schow

We are going to the Oregon coast this summer - one of my favorite places! Love this collection so much!

Hi from Jen Schow in Pleasant Grove, Utah!

Brianna Marshall

I am IN LOVE with this collection!!! My girls and I are hoping to take a road trip down the East Coast to visit friends we moved away from 3 years ago!

Leslie Rodriguez

Love this collection!! Right now we're in the process of planning our family vacation we're torn between a cruise or Florida.

Leslie Rodriguez
Crowley, TX

Donna Davis

We are going to visit the windy city which of course is Chicago! Thank-you for the giveaway.


Looking forward to spending time with my family discovering more of our beautiful countryside. Love this line, thanks for the chance to win!

Ants, UK

Christina L.

We just got back from London and Amsterdam, and we're heading to Banff this summer! Lots of chances to use this wonderful line. :) Thanks for the chance to win it!

Christina Lockhorn
Seattle, WA

Patrícia Canuto

OMG, this is so beautiful! I'm from Brazil and Autumn just kicked in. I'm planning to visit Curitiba next week. Ii's a cold, rainy and cozy city in South Brazil. I'm planning lots of tea, boardgames and food! I know it seems odd, but it's always boiling in my town, so a little autumn wind it's the best thing ever!
XO, Patrícia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


LOVE this line! Hoping to go to Toronto and visit the zoo, last time we had to evacuate our hotel in the middle of the night and the kids were too tired to go the next day.

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