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December 08, 2014


Ruth Tacoma

The little cookie bags are so cute!!

The thing I would like most this Christmas is for time to slow down a bit as we have our little family Christmas. That we would take the time to enjoy each and every moment of our time together, no matter the actual amount of time.


sounds crazy but would love to have a mint smeg fridge for a new home (:


What I would like most for Christmas is that our wish to have/be a family will come true.

Laura Turcotte

I like that idea with the neighbor gift!! What I want most for Christmas is for peace in the family.


I love Christmas and all the project that reminds me of this holiday!
The only thing I want is hapiness and health for my family .

Amanda L.

What I want most for Christmas this year is cold weather and the opportunity to cuddle up and spend time chilling out and crafting with my family!


Such SWEET packaging!

I'm hoping for a ton of peace, love & joy.


My brother and his wife were moving this year into a cottage and selling their big house, but it's been postponed. This means we get one more family Xmas together on Boxing Day where everyone will be at the old house. That's my partner and myself, my brother, his wife, their sons and their partners, my niece and her husband and their sons and my mum. We're spread out all over the place, so don't see much of each other. Some I only see at Xmas in fact. The cottage is too small, so there won't be any more family get togethers at Xmas from now on. Just hoping everyone will turn up and it will be the best ever.


Love the cute deer tag!What I want most from the holiday season : time with the family but also time for myself! It is always such a rush!


I want some peaceful time with my family (and we are a loud bunch), fresh snow and warm cookies!

jamie slay

I wish all of my family and friends who have lost children or spouses would have a great Christmas this year.

Jennifer Martin

Some relaxation and since we are traveling; good weather.

Nicole Kardos

My children to forget about the trials and tribulations of this past year, remember how blessed we are, to laugh and smile and be overwhelmed by the seasons magic is my Christmas wish!

Leigh Penner

What a fun series and I love that you've given us a challenge, too! I've missed these!
What do I want most this Christmas? For love and peace to reign in our home. :)

Jessica Dougherty

i would truly love some relaxing time with my family to just enjoy each other!

Kelly O

I would like some time to relax and enjoy the season with my husband.

Danielle Flanders

Love and laughter! This will be the first Christmas with my side of the family in 14 years, so very special to me!

Amy C.

On my wish list this year...a Keurig and riding boots. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for the opportunity to win some crafting goodies!

Gina M

I love Marie's work with the lovely CP products. I am most looking forward to time off from work. I add in some vacation time, so I can thoroughly enjoy time with the whole extended family!

Bernice J

This Christmas, I'm hoping for the time and motivation to work on my scrapbooking albums.

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