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April 02, 2014




American Crafts

Hello everyone! Thanks for the well wishes. We're excited about having Bazzill be part of the AC family. It's an incredibly strong brand - and our respect goes out to Doug and Marti Jones for all they've done to build it.

Just wanted to address two general concerns that have appeared...

First, we want to assure everyone that the quality of Bazzill cardstock won't change.

Second, both Bazzill and AC Cardstock will continue to co-exist. Each product has its purposes and American Crafts will keep offering both.

Thanks for your support and business!

Candee Schamber

Hmmm, I know this is old news.
However, I am curious. I used to be a Bazzill "officiando", but, it does seem to me that the quality has gotten cheaper. SO sad.

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