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March 24, 2014


Belinda Griffin

I've always adored pink. I went through a phase as a young teen where I pretended to not like the colour anymore since I felt it was too 'babyish' to like pink. Then I grew up and realised being myself was the best thing I could be and I began making it very clear I loved pink again: Hello pink themed 21st birthday party!

deb pereira

i love pink and gold together. i use them ALOT!


I've always been a fan of pink. I like hot pink, neon pink, and pastel pink - basically any shade! My current favourite combo is a nice pale pink with gold!

Robin B.

I love to use soft pinks in my crafts.

Jessica Gebhardt

I tend to scrapbook with pink a lot. I am not really much of a pink fan as far as wearing the color, but really enjoy hot pinks and raspberry shades paired with black. Pink is also one of my favorite holiday colors when it is paired with red. This collection still gets me as I covet all things vintage/retro. If I had a little girl instead of boy, I am sure I would buy this line 5 times over for it's classic charm.

Carolina Pretorius

I have a story with the pink. I grew up with 3 brothers so, my mom was trying unsuccessfully to get me into the girly world she had dreamt about all her life - as she only had a brother. Christmas presents were full of the same baby born and barbies that I hardly played with and she placed carefully back into their boxes for the photo shoot that night so, among my 'pink' pile of presents there were my remote controls, and fighting and strategic board games.
To get new furniture as I was 10 yo was another story that ended up having a 'white' room with a soft and subtle touch of pink 'edges' and a 'purple-is-not-pink' (she assured) painted walls that she concluded would be ok.
My disagreement as a child appeared as short cut hair, love for blue and passion for remote controls. Of course? I quit ballet as also a personal 'recommendation' from the teacher and it turned out onto a brown belt on Taekwondo.
Then I have a baby girl. Panic button.
I started being very skeptic just buying yellow, green and red clothes in the beginning... but, she is the sweetest, cutest thing I have ever met so my story with pink just begins as I was having my lost girly youth again.
Love pink that much that I did not notice one of my latest layouts was all made in pink! I even had to push myself to use red for the hearts. Grey and brown are two colours that I also allow it to match with.
I can't stop thinking 'pink' now! and it's fine like that because if I start thinking about anything else, there is just one thing popping out the whole time: the satisfaction look on my mom's face :S

Brenda Lubrant

I am just in love with this collection. I have a couple of little granddaughters and would love to make some projects for them from this collection.

Shawn Wenrich

Pink is my favorite color and lately I'm loving it with teal.


I LOVE to combine it with turquoise, aqua or teal!


Pink is a lovely color !! With gold, green, blue ... lot of pairs it's possible and i adore :)


I like pink, yes, and think it looks great with purple or blue.


pink? love it...especially when paired with gold.

laura S.

Oh yes, love the color pink and the darling collection. Scrapping with it always makes me feel like a little girl again. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lisa C.

I love pink!! Especially in scrapbooking since I have a daughter and 2 girl pups! I love pink with gold and mint. It's so pretty and I love the new Crate Paper collections. This layout is so beautiful! Thanks for the chance.

Amelia N.

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors - I love pairing it with contrast colors or neutrals like dark blue, grey or tan!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

I like pink! I don't want it all over the place, but it is definitely a happy color to me :) Plus, I have a little girl, and I have a feeling as she gets older, pink is going to figure more prominently in my life. It's going to be fun!


Pink and turquoise!.


I love pink and especially paired with mint and aqua! I also love the addition of yellow that this collection offers: so happy and fun! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Cortnie J.

Pink is a beautiful color! I love to pair it with mint and gold, which is such a pretty trio. Thank you crate paper for your beautiful collections that make it easy to use these beautiful colors! :)

Lea Lawson

CUTE layout!!!

Pink is my absolute fave color!! Right now I love really light shades of it mixed with gold & light aqua or mint.

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