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March 24, 2014


Anita B

I love using pink with gold ,blue and mint green ..pink is my go too colour for my 3 girls :)

Anita B

Beautiful page Stephanie I love the softness of your page ,cute photos too


Pink has been one of my favorite colors since my childhood. I like it because it reminds me of strawberry ice-cream - my favorite flavor. It is my go-to color for butterflies, flowers and hearts. I like to pair it with light green, sometimes baby blue, grey and cream.

Jennifer Schroeder

I am definitely more of a bold pink hue kind of gal. I love to wear it, share it, and pair it! My closet is saturated with pink. I love making gifts that include pink. AND, I pair it with gold, teal, and white when I design my layouts! Yum yum! Pink is a hue I can use any time of the year. CP thanks for the chance to win! CP is one of my favorite lines to work with! =)

Ellen H.

I Love pink & use it a lot. I don’t only use it in my crafty projects but also in my lifestyle (bags, clothes,…) ; yes I’m a girly girl lol! Pink does go with everything too; I love to combine it with bright colors like yellow and mint or with darker colors like blue and grey.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Tara Bergeson

I love pink - especially brighter shades. I love to pair it with navy and gold!

tina phillips

I have all boys and never really had much chance to use pink until my little cousin was born....I LOVEEEEE doing totally sweet and girly layouts for her and her mommy and I almost always use ink! Thats her favorite color!!

Heather M.

Honesty is best, right? I do not like pink. It's more than saying it's my least favorite color- I have a serious dislike for wearing the color. However, I do like to use pink (sparingly) in layouts with brown. Thanks for the chance to win.

cindy barriga

I LOVE pink! I always add a bit of it to all of my projects because it makes me happy and come on its the happiest hue in the box. I adore pink. I seem to always include pink and several shades of blue when I am crafting and I do not know why, but it works for me. I LOVE pink.


Pink has always been my favourite colour and as I have a daughter and grandaughter photos to scrap I love it when I see pink paper ranges especially ones like this Oh Darling collection from Crate paper which is so lovely.


I love pink! I use on virtually every project! I love to pair it with blues, aquas, greens and kraft. Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful collection.

Monica E.

Since my little girl was born (6 years ago) I now LOVE pink!!!
Love soft pink with mint; Hot pink with aqua; pink with navy is perfect for layouts of my little girl and boy....

Bethany Hardy

I do like pink in moderation. I would pair it with grey and a pop of yellow. Hmmm...cute outfit idea!


I have never been a pink person, but for some reason I love to scrap with it! Right now it is hot with gold.
Thanks for this fab giveaway. GL to everyone.

Rachael F

I adore pink! And it's secretly versatile when it comes to color pairings- whether it be magenta and navy, peach and gold, or mauve and mustard, I love using a tint or shade of pink in my projects!

Brandy S

Pink has taken over my life due to my daughters love of it. I like to pair with navy...and would love this collection to scrap a recent dance recital that was pink, pink and more pink!

Heather Adams

I love pink!!! A few weeks ago I made some cards and realized that I used pink on all of them! :)


I'm so into pink right now. Pairing it with other brights or pastels- aqua, melon, yellow...lovely.

Marcia Scantlin

Love pink and green. Always have, always will.

Linda E

I love pairing pink with brown or yellow! Thansks for the chance!

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