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March 24, 2014



i really like pink, especially in my scrapbooks! there's not a lot of pink in my daily life (clothes, home decor, etc.) but for some reason, it's all over my scrapbooks :)


Oh I do LOVE the Oh Darling range - I have two daughters so my layouts do tend to include pink somewhere. I love teeming pink with a pretty sky or pastel blue and/or a shade of green most commonly teal or mint. At the moment I have a major attraction to gold and pink together.

Plus...anything Stephanie uses - I love and want ;-)






I love bright pinks!

Alice Ledezma

Pink is way too pretty would love to pair it with some wood grain paper background give it that country spring feeling

Mandi Holmes

Pink is an alright color but I prefer blues. However, I do love pink papers.

sophie sl

Hmm... pink is not a color I always gravitate towards, though I do often use it as an accent color, especially deeper shades like salmon pink. When paired with colors like grey and aquamarine, that's when the color wins me over.


I love pink as well. Having only one girl and three boys I find it fun to add a splash of pink even on the more masculane pages! Pink can match with almost anything!!!

Jo Hawkins

Pink is my favorite color it makes me happy!!

Pink goes with almost every color and I love it with turquoise, black gray and brown.


I could scrap in only pink with my stuff for a looong time.


I would use the pinks to make a mini album for a dear crazy neveda friend of mine

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