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March 24, 2014


Julia Schueler

Definitiv Yea!I love pink and I like to combine it with mint, light blue or even navy blue, gold and other colors in red tones. Pink is also great on white or floral papers. So you see I am a hugh fan of your collection. Perfect.

Laura Turcotte

I'll be honest. I did not always like pink. With being the only female in the household for so many years, and being a 'tomboy' myself, I did not like pink. Actually despised it. Enter my daughter. Who is a girly girl, wit tutus and crowns and pink is everywhere. Because of her enthusiasm for pink, and all things pretty, I now LOVE pink. And this collection has been calling me from the beginning. Love pink! definitely a YEA! I pair pink with pretty much color...my fave would be pink and brown...Pink is so pretty! Thanks for te chance!


I Love pink and add it on almost every scrapbooking project! I like to combine it with mint or yellow and the CP collections are perfect for that! Thanks for the chance!

Tatiana Yemelyanenko

I like pink! Especially in coordination with mint, turquose and licght blue.


I like pink!!! My favorite combination is pink with gray :)


Yes please, Pink! I love it! Pink + Bright Yellow + Mint = My Shabby Colors! :)


I absolutely love pink! I love to pair a lot of colours with pink, but i really love a deep blue with it. :)

Theresa G.

I love pink!! Pink is great with turquoise....and I even love it with brown - light OR dark! It's such a versatile color!!!!

Miriam Prantner

I'm not a huge pink fan myself, but I have two girls, so I end up using/having an awful lot of it as it's in demand and it matches all their outfits when I'm scrapbooking. This layout is so pretty and thanks for the chance to win!


I love all colors of pink! I have a boy and a girl so I really love to pair it with a navy or turquoise or mint green color. Beautiful layout!


Recently I see pink paired with mint a lot (with a bit of yellow) - and I love this combo. It's pretty, it's fresh and it's springy!


I just love pink in all it's shades. And combined with other colors it does not look too girly.

Jackie Plank

I love to pair pink with brown. I have used pink and brown on boys pages and the pages have looked great!


I do love pink. My favourite combo at the minute with pink is mint. So fresh and beautiful x

Cynthia Baldwin

Yea for pink! Pink and aqua is/has been one of my favorite color combos. Lately, navy blue plus pink has been part of my crafting too. Fabulous projects today, as always! Thanks for the chance to win!

Catherine A

Pink is my favorite color!! Always has been. The world is a better place with a little pink.
Thanks for the give away opp.

S. Molinari

Over the weekend my daughter in law hosted a Gender Reveal party for our lastest grandchild and PINK WON! Since I've been using blue in my grandson's scrapbook for the last three years, I am very excited for the change. Would love to recieve a lot of girly product!


We recently had a baby girl so now we have a ton of pink in our house! I am looking forward to using pink on lo's of her and of course I would pair it up with mint or teal and white!

Leigh Penner

I love pink! Okay, maybe not as much as my nine year old daughter (it's her favourite colour!), but I would say that I use this colour on at least 80% of my layouts & cards. :)
Thanks for the chance to win!

Cim Allen

I love Pink .. it's one of those colors's thats timeless! It works for so many projects.

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