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January 07, 2014


Kelly Massman

I love it all==the designs are awesome; the slide frames are really cute and the wood veneer look is awesome! Thanks a bunch for a chance to win! I'd be most thrilled!

S. Molinari

This is totally rad dude! lol I have a grandson, I need this collection!


oh my gosh - the gameboy!!!!


The papers are awesome!!!!. Very fun collection!!!. I love cassette paper!!!
thanks for the chance!


Carla Hundley

Lots of great
items in this
collection set.
I do like the
wooden veneers
and the colors
will be fun to
Carla from Utah


Oh. My. Word.

I LOVE this collection! I will need everything! I'd have to say my favorite *thing* is the colors. So perfect. Getting ready to have our 4th boy, so am always looking for great boy collections. This may even beat out your past boy collection (still a current favorite)!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

beatrice lawson

Oooh, totally in love!! Stunning vintage car images, and the colours are so timeless. Perfect collection for those of us whose boys are growing and need "cool" papers to document their adventures.

Gilma Haro

I have two boys! I can't wait to get my hands on this collection!

Jennifer T

How fun! So retro and vintage but modern. I don't have a boy, but I still love it!

rhonda n

Perfect collection for documenting my little grandson and his activities, I love the paper and I really love the wood pieces!


love the woodgrain chevron paper and wood pieces.

Joyce (djroe)

Love it all! With Pinewood Derby this weekend, the race cars are calling to me.

Anna Chulkova

OMG it's awesome!!


My faves are the retro pieces & the chalkboard papers. This seems like a huge collection. Is it larger than most?

Aimee B.

Awesome collection! I especially like the 12x12 album!

Heather b

I, like others, love the floppy disc overlay. And the old school gameboy sticker is so cute too! But all of my kids (from 7-17) looked at both of them and had no idea what either one of them was! Guess its been awhile since those floppys were used!


This collection is simply perfect for scrapping the men in my life! I simply adore it!

Gina M

I love the great colors and especially the wood pieces and the vellum papers!

Kayla F.

I love the pattern papers! I feel that there are some papers that you could use on other non boy related projects too!For instance that paper airplane paper is awesome. I would totally use it on a layout about myself lol

Natalie Winterstein

So cool! I love the little skateboards and the casette tapes! Rock on! :)

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