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January 07, 2014



The designs on the patterned paper are awesome!


I love, love, love this collection with two boys in the house! I am especially partial to the cassette tapes and the wood pieces!


I love the colours in this collection, it's not just all blue but a fun mix of colours that are not necessarily linked to boys - love it! :)

Nicole McNamara

I LOVE this collection! It is truly amazing!
Completely adore the old school technology bits and pieces! Oh the memories!


Oh, my goodness, those wood veneers are amazing! LOVE this collection!


I LOVE LOVE this collection! This is so suiting for my little guy!!

Fleur Smith

This collection Rocks!!! I love the overlays, wood veneer, all of it - totally rad dudes lol


OMG!!! This collection is must have for all boys!! My son is 4 years old and I think you can start to use it right now and till his wedding)) I love that you also use not obvious boy's signs as car and ball but this awesome paper airplanes!!! Skateboard, and patterns!! Wow. I love printed wood veneers!! They are cool and overlay photo frame. And how can I not mention robots!!! Love love. It seems that my son will have the album from your little boy collection and then from this))


Being the mom of a little boy

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection!!!!!!!!!

Especially the wood veneers!
They are Cool dude!

So much for the chance to win this collection!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (did I say that already?)

Wendi R

super fun boy line!!! LOVE LOVE the papers and cool embellies!! perfect for my sons pages!!!

Anna Ekman

Oh, such a great collection. The floppy disc overlay, the paper clips and the paper airplane pattern are my favs.


It is so awesome ! I love it all !I really like the album and the wood pieces ! My boys will love that !

April W

I love the vellum papers!!
- April W


Love this! Top of my list for new releases this year is everything in this collection.

jenny simon

wow! I love every peice... my favorite would have to be the floppy disk photo frames. amazing. I need every thing!!!

Erica Hettwer

Nope, not gonna pick a favorite. I love the whole thing!!!

Vanessa Menhorn

The wood veneer!!! So cool!

Miriam Prantner

So much fun, great icons and patterns, but my very favorite thing is the floppy disk overlay. I would buy those in bulk!


love this collection and the throw back to the 80s! :)


I love it all! I love the cool icons and retro colors.

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