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February 13, 2013



DH and I are having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant where we've had dinner every Valentine's Day since we met. It's also the place we got engaged and had our wedding lunch.

Maria A.

Lovely layout!! :)
My hubby and I are gonna go on the double date with friends since we have planned to visit them in Berlin, Germany without thinking about ValentineĀ“s Day!! I am not sure how this will turn out, but I will hope for lots of fun!!


I'm doing crafts and cookie baking with the grandkids in the afternoon and then a big family dinner with everyone at night! Nothing better than spending time with the ones you love. Thanks for the chance to win!

Brenda B

I ended up having neck surgery on the 12th, so we're postponing our Valentines dinner and movie date for a while. It might end up being a St. Patrick's Day date!

Natalie Winterstein

Initially I wanted to go the dinner and a movie route but I got some sort of cold or flu over the weekend so now it's a little up in the air. :( But winning some CP would brighten my day!!

Natalie W
Omaha, NE
[email protected]

Amanda J

I plan on attending school parties with my two older kiddos, then enjoying a nice heart themed meal at hom with them and my hubby :)
Thanks for the chance!

Amanda J

Margie Visnick

Gorgeous layout!! I will make a nice dinner for my hubby and kids tomorrow, and my hubby and I will go out together this weekend.
Margie V, TN

Dawn Young

Hubby has to work second shift...Tomorrow we wont do anything :( We will have to wait for the weekend to hit our fav resaurant.

Dawn Y

Heather Sweet

I love the technique and adore the layout! My husband and I are having a low key Valentine's Day. He has to work until 8pm, but I will be bringing dinner to his work that we'll eat together. We'll be eating tacos (!), my favorite food and then once he gets off work, we're going to see A Good Day to Die Hard (something he really wanted to do).
Heather S


Valentine's Day in our house is all about family and the love we share. We have heart shaped pizzas for dinner and then a little party. This year the kids are doing a scavenger hunt to find their valentines. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm in love with Fourteen!
Melissa S. Idaho

Susan Kopp

We don't do much on Valentines day usually. It is just not that big of a deal to us from the beginning of our relationship that is going strong now for 41 years. My hubby is real good at spreading out the "Valentine Love" through out the year as am I. So tomorrow it will be spent as we always do, dinner and some good t.v. Thanks for the chance to win!
Susan K. Missouri

Rachael F

Going to watch "The Notebook" with a box of chocolates and tissues...well maybe not :) but I hope to have a relaxing evening with chocolate and maybe some time for a quick LO.
Rachael F.

Robin B.

The husband and I are going to workout together at CrossFit and then have a nice relaxed lunch together and I will give him a handmade valentines card. We are from Michigan.

Melissa R.

I will be giving my 4 children handmade valentines with the most yummy valentine iced sugar cookies from our local bakery. They just love them and they only get them on special occasions. My husband and I will then be going out for dinner in the evening.
Melissa R.


My boyfriend an I are having a casual dinner at home and then going out to see the new Die Hard movie!
Emily D.

Miriam Prantner

What a beautiful layout! I love all the hearts! Thanks again for the chance to win!

Miriam P.
Arlington, VA

Lea Lawson

First up- this layout is gorgeous!! LOVE!

Second- our Valentine's this year is split up, because we have other things going on that night! So- we went to the movie "Warm Bodies" last night...and on actual Valentine's day we are going to make a big breakfast together and exchange gifts!

Lea L.

tammy K

I don't know yet ;) I work tomorrow, and today I'm having a root canal...so we will see how the day ends up LOL!
Tammy K

Jena Baker

Since Valentine's Day is on a busy school night at our house we will keep it very low key. At some point between dinner and bedtime we will exchange all of our Valentines and maybe watch TV and have a few chocolates.
Jena B. in California

Catherine B

I have sweet Valentine's goodies all ready for my sweet kiddos! So blessed to be able to spend the day celebrating with them!
Catherine B

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