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February 25, 2013


Julie Tucker-Wolek

Ohhhhhhhhhh these are sooooooo fun!! I love them!!


These are fabulous!

Maribel Fonseca

It's Awesome!! Thank you!

connie k

super cute..does the center cut always need to be deeper as on the sample?


Hi every body, I´ve just discovered this blog and I love it. It seems quite easy and funny. I promise to do a similar one. Thanks a lot Ashley :)

Court's Crafts

These are so darling! Consider yourself pinned! :)

Ashley Cannon Newell

Connie K - No, you can create fewer "slot" with fewer pop-ups or as many as you can fit into the card fold. You also do not have to have the center "slot" deeper than the others. I chose to do that for dimension. It's all up to you and your creativity. Have fun!


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