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September 14, 2012



My favorites are Paper heart, peppermint and brook. Mississippi

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Really gorgeous inspiration and you manage to do the list part pretty well besides the yellow and white are looking awesome together


My 3 favorite collections are: Toy Box, FarmHouse & School Spirit. I am in TN!!

Henriette Andresen

My favorites is: Lemongrass, Portrait and Paperheart.
Location: Denmark

Amanda J

Fabulous layout!! Very hard to choose my top 3, but I am going to give it a try! :) Emma's Shoppe, Farmhouse, and Random. Thanks for the chance!! :)

Heather Topich

My three faves are Restoration, Farmhouse, and Storyteller.

Heather in VA


Gorgeous page! My favorites are Restoration, Little Bo Beep, Sleigh Ride. Thanks for the chance!

tina phillips

You're not making this easy at all are ya??? :)

Story teller
Toy Box


My three favourites (not in any particular order because I don't think I could, I love them all too much) are:
Little Boy Blue
Story Teller
On Trend!!!!! So, so excited for this to come out!!!!!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

A elegant and gorgeous page!! (But really, what else can you expect from Rahel? :))

I choose, in no particular order, these three collections as my favorites: Peppermint, Toy Box, and Portrait!

Natalie in NY (or MD, since we move next Tuesday!!)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

This is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeee the way you did the list!! My faves are 1) Restoration 2) Story Teller and 3) Random!!! And I am in AZ :)


My favorites are Toy Box, Story Teller & Portrait

Becky H

My favorites are Restoration, Random and emma's Shoppe.


Gorgeous LO. My favourites are Portrait, Pretty Party and story teller.

Rachael F

To narrow them down to only three favorites is near impossible, but it came down to:
1. Story Teller
2. Pretty Party
3. On Trend
Such beautiful collections :)
Jackson, MS

Cheryl Leong

On trend, paper heart and story teller!!!!

Cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Bethany E.

Pretty Party
The new Christmas line (amazing)

amber engelhardt

My Favorite have been: Toy box, Pretty Party and Story Teller. CP's collections never disappoint!

Andrea R.

I love Emma's Shop, Paper Heart, and Little Boy Blue.

Crate fan in Idaho.


I'm a list-maker at work and home, but for some reason I don't make many lists on my layouts...I think I'll have to do that more!! My fave Crate Paper lines are 1. Snow Day, 2. Pretty Party, and 3. Farmhouse.

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