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July 18, 2012


Vitoria B

I love teal with red ! Beautiful.


cute cute cute!Oh its so pretty!!
Thancks for the chance!!!

{red RED red}赤


Of course, it is red! Then I will mix in white, green, almost any other color. Love this collection. Thanks for the chance :)

Marcia Dehn-Nix

I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, I like red and green.

Rebecca Lovell

I love the traditional red, green and white. I also love a little pink or aqua mixed in with those. Loving the projects!!


I love the blue and pink with the red

tina phillips

I usually hate pink, but pair it with the fun bright blue and red and I adore it! I prefer the fun and funky colors over the traditional ones :)

Linda E

Gorgeous projects for s gorgeous collection!

emily (justem)

I can't stand plan red and green. If I have to have them, it needs to include some aqua or something to throw it off. I love this line...it's perfectly un-Christmasy. ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Gorgeous creations!!! I love this collection!! And I am very traditional for Christmas colors -- I love me the good old fashioned red and green!

Sara Kiiru

I also love the red & aqua/teal combo. I tend to use a lot of white for Christmas with pops of color and this line will provide delicious pops!

Margie Visnick

For a different, eye catching Christmas combo, I love red and pale aqua!


Red is usually in my papers but I love to see blue with glitter for snowflakes!


I love the look of red and aqua... Christmassy but a bit cool. :)


I love red and all its incarnations: pink, burgundy, magenta, etc. paired with crisp, clean snow white. That screams Cristmas to me!

Laura C - Michigan

Love the red sprinkled with the pink and turquoise!


I love red and aqua!


My favorite holiday color combo: hot pink and gold...so girly and striking! :)

Betty O.

Well, you've done it right Christmas red & aqua are such a great new/retro blend. I also love the name "Sleigh Ride" sounds like a look down memory lane. The colors, & designs I can almost hear the snow crunch, anytime is great for Christmas papers.

Joanna Jerome

All the colors in vintage mercury glass beads and ornaments....makes for such a colorful display in my home.

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