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May 24, 2012



Rilla-Leigh is my fave name!

Brooke G.
Manitoba, Canada


I love Daisy! My boyfriends last name starts with D and ends with Y so I don't think I'll be able to use it (unless I get a new boyfriend!)

Thanks for the chance to win!

Olivia P, Queensland.

Betsy G.

My daughter is having a baby this year! I can't wait to get my hands on your baby collection so I can make her an album :) My favorite name is Olivia, I love how it sounds :) Thanks for the chance to win!!

Betsy G.
Broomfield Colorado

Jennifer C.

My all time favorites are my kids' names but since I can only choose one I'll go with my daughter's name, Rylie.

Jennifer C.
Jackson, TN

Jeanie brown

I just love Addison, we have a grandaughter with this name and we call her Addie. Is that not adorable or what?
Springville, Jeanie B

Margareta Carlsson

My favorite baby name is Agnes. My grandmother was one of three sisters that were best friends, and they all had beautiful names!
Margareta C. in Stockholm, Sweden

Michelle Wedertz

I recently had a baby girl and throughout the pregnancy I coveted Zoe Sierra until it came down to the wire and my husband happened across Allora which we BOTH loved. So my new fave name is Allora Kayleigh! Michelle W. Tehachapi, CA


Alex, for a boy. Libby H., Altamont, NY. Thanks for a chance to win these
beautiful collections!


My favourite baby name is Dexter which happens to be the name of my 22 year old son! It is a strong, easy-to-spell, but a bit different name. Meghan M Victoria BC


Love the name Anabelle. Now if I could just convince my hubby to have another child ;)

Shelly J in Medina, OH


My daughter's name is Maya. I love it because it's short and sweet, can't be shortened and works in lots of languages!
Sarah R in France

Court's Crafts

Oh my goodness!!!! I am SOOOO hoping to win this!!! Well, with a baby girl due in two months, we have a name picked out. So it's my favorite. :) Emmaline. We'll call her Emma for short. Thank you SO much for the chance to win such darling collections!

Courtney L.
Carmel, CA

emma dellar smith

hi there crate girls
my fave baby name is serafina, like the angel.
i'm in wales in the u.k
emma ds

Wendi R

My favorite girl name is Chorley
and my favorite boy name is Tristan

Torrance, CA
Wendi R

Marie M.

I'm a little biased. We're having a baby girl this summer, and her name is Chase Evelyne. So of course I have to go with that.

Regardless of whether I win or not, I HAVE to buy this collection. Our baby girl's nursey colors are pink and turquoise - this line perfectly matches everything we've bought for her so far! I'm super excited for this line to come out...and for my little girl, of course :)

Marie M.
Frisco, TX


I love the name Grace
Glynis A
British Columbia

Amanda Coleman

I have a good friend named Marin, and have loved the name ever since. It was the only girl name hubby and I could agree on. I feel blessed to have had a daughter and to have named her Marin.

Amanda C.


I like Charlie - for a boy, yes, but even MORE for a girl!

tammy K

hmmm, that's hard! not that I want to pick just ONE of my kids' names, but my son's name is Hunter, and I love it. Although when we named him, we thought it would be different....he's sixteen now, and we know of at least two other Hunters in his grade alone! (we do live in a bigger city though LOL)
Tammy K
Huntington Beach, CA


I pushed for "Jordis James" for both my girls but hubby wasn't feeling it. I love unique names, names that you can't find on a keychain at a gift shop, lol. I also love boy names for girls. Both my girls have James as their middle name after my father. Thanks for another chance to win!!
Mari H. From TEXAS

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