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May 24, 2012



I'm really liking "Tyler"!

Marcia Dehn-Nix

LOVE this new collection! I like uncommon names. Never wanted my kid to be one of many with the same name in a classroom. "Colton" has a strong masculine sound to it. Marcia D.


I love Charlie but as we have a cat called Charlie my little boy due in August won't be called Charlie on account of it being too confusing for our 3 year old son :) xx


I love "Ethan Thomas"
Isn't that just a strong, regal boys name?
Love it!

Janet K.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I have always loved my Father's name - "Eli" -- beautiful mini!!!

Julie T-W
Glendale, AZ


My favorite name is Vera - it was my great grandmother's name. She died when I was seven, but I remeber her very well and she was the sweetest woman I've known. The name Vera also means "faith" in russian, I learned a few years ago, and as a christian that makes it even more beatiful. So now I just hope that I will have a little girl someday!
Helen H from Lund, Sweden


I love the name "Pieterlie". It's an uncommon girls name :).


Catherine has always been a favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!
Bainbridge Is., WA

jan m

Twins here, a girl and a boy, so difficult to choose one name, just like it would be difficult to choose one paper pad! Your collections breathe fresh air into baby cards!! Awesome lines with great embellies too!
My daughter's name is Charli Ann. She was upset with her name, told her we anticipated that, as it was unusual 25 years ago, and suggested she use Ann until she was old enough to change her name, she exclaimed "NO!, I hate the name Ann, I love the name Charli." And she does love Charli to this day!

susan Tutt

I love the name Delaney!
Susan T.
Calgary, Alberta

Amanda J

I love the name Luke!

Cheryl Leong

I love CONSTANCE for a girl.


cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Margie Visnick

Caitlin Alyssa (my oldest daughter's name)
Margie V.
Humboldt, TN


beautiful collection! for boy, love Caleb..

Mary-Ann M.

Roman of course!

Mary-Ann M.
Methuen, MA


My husband and I love Zander. We have 3 girls and 1 little boy. I was desperate for years to have another little boy. My husband didn't feel the same, however!

Saratoga Springs,UT
Mollie F.


I have many favorite girl names but only one boy name, that is Curtis.

Katherine L
Hong Kong

Thanks for a chance to win.

Heather I.

Oh that was a surplus of beauty!!!

My favorite names are:
Girl: Paige or Alivia (my niece & daughter's names
Boy: Christian (my son's name)
It's so funny, because before we got pregnant, my husband and I had names all picked out, but when I got pregnant, they just weren't MY children's names.

Heather I.
Hollywood, FL


My daughters name "Sian" is my favorite :)
Adelaide, South Australia

Sarah Jay

Theodore is a long-standing favorite of mine.

Sarah J.
New Hampshire

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