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April 30, 2012


Ellie A.

Oh goodness am I first to post? OH the pressure? Well for me a very sweet birthday gift that I still cherish is from my youngest son who made me a little booklet w/why he loves me in Kindergarten. He had gotten his teacher to help him. He's in 3rd grade now but I love to look at this sweet expression of love. The most wonderful sweet gift ever!


SOOOOO excited!!! My fav gift...I was stationed over seas one year and I fleew hom to suprise my mom on her birthday!! That was the best gift for she and I!

Pam Spradlin

My favorite gift ever...My husband took a tree branch and put it in a flower pot. On the branches he tied little cards that he made himself and each card had something different written on it. Each week I could open an envelope and we would do that thing that week. Several of them were eating out at specific places but there were movies, minature golf, a weekend trip...just things that he thought up to do that we could do together. This was done for my 50th birthday so he had been busy thinking up 50 different things to do and making all those cards. The best part of this gift...I had no idea what he was doing and I still wonder how he did all this without me getting wind of it.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Your layered gift tag is AMAZING Tara! So BEAUTIFUL!! My fave gift was a book from my kids -- it was a book that I had been wanting for a long time!! So happy when they got it for me!!

Marcia Dehn-Nix

My favorite gifts were little coupon book from my kids. They would have coupons inside that I could redeem for things like; breakfast in bed, or a bedtime story, etc ...

Ann Marie

I had been wanting a Cricut but it was too expensive. My husband surprised me on my birthday with a Cricut -- it was so shocking because I never even mentioned it to him, I didn't even know he knew what a Cricut was! That was definitely a great gift.


One of my favourite gifts was a day with my girlfriend. She planned the whole thing and just pampered me all day. it was simple, loving and wonderful!

Kelly Massman

anything my husband "surprises" me with that he has made on the lathe; he has come up with some really cool things... :-) Thanks!

Candace Bunch

My husband and son made me a wooden clipboard with multiple wood types..so special and beautiful!


I adore when my children make me jewelry! Whether it's a macaroni necklace or a pin made out of puzzle pieces, I cherish very one! :)

Miriam Prantner

The best gift I ever got on my birthday. That's a tough one! I think my Husqvarna sewing machine. It was the year I turned 30, and my dad was retiring, so it was a "this is the last great, big, birthday present you're getting from us so we're making it a good one."

Cyndee K.

The best gift I ever received was my daughter! She was born 2 days after my birthday, a month earlier than expected!


My favorite craft gigt was from my daufhter. She gave me a painting with her mum!!!

Cheryl Leong

my favourite gift would be a big cardboard with lots of wishes :)

Lisa C.

My husband proposed to me on my 21st birthday! Best present ever!! Our 24th wedding anniversary is next week :)

Natalie (QSOgirl)

It wasn't for my birthday (it was for Christmas)-- my husband made me a couple colored pencil pendants (and some for his mom, his sister, and my mom, too). They are just gorgeous! (and I have a post about them on my blog: http://vegetablog.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/a-little-bragging-husbands-pencil-pendants/)


Absolutely amazing tag details! So beautiful.

My most surprising gift... a Canon Rebel T3i from my DH this year.


my greatest gift was a wellness weekend with my husband.

Cherry Moss

"It wasnt the gift itself, but the way he gave it to her.." a cute little gift box i have!! My very favorite gift ever, as when my husband for a whole month, had been planning on making my birthday special..told me to pack a weekend bag...and surprise me with a 5 hr. trip to Utah, "Lagoon" an amusement park, and re-Created our very first date!! including the photo booth!! I loved every minute of it!! It was so romantic and thoughtful!!♥


The most creative gift i have ever recieved was a colorful paper clip necklace my pupils made for me last year.

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