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April 23, 2012


B. Poteraj

I would put her in a bird cage. I have a decorative one in my dining room, and she'd look so cute!

Sharon Gullikson

I think that she would look good hanging in a window. As long as she goes with the decor in the room.

Angie Simonet

What a cute mini book! I think I would decorate the bird up with flowers and ribbon and embellish a basket with it for my daughters room and fill it with hair accessories.

Erica Hettwer

So adorable!

I'd cover her with soft flock and put her on the front of a card to brighten someone's day!


I think this would be perfect for a cute spring baby shower bluebird garland. bluebirds in birdcages. bluebird guest sign in book. love it.

Mary-Ann M.

I would make her into a garland and string across my fireplace. With bird cages on my mantel of course:o)

stephanie hines

I would back a bluebird banner.Perfect for springtime.


There's always room for little birdies - my cats would love them ^-^
I also need to decorate my patio. A string of bluebirds across the table would be pretty.


I'd like to tuck her into a paper floral arrangement to give to my mom who loves both birds and flowers.

Paula Flávia

I Love it..


That bird album is too cute. I would let her sit on a branch on the front of a card so she could sing her heart out. You know she would be singing because there would be some music paper in the background ;)

Julie Shearer

I think a Blue Bird garland would be so adorable.


cute! he would be cute to use for a mini-baby month by month picture album!

Beth Beery

I'd make a banner with a bunch of little blue birds that spell out, Welcome Spring.

Kathy R

I think a cute little blue bird of happiness banner across a layout of my family having a great time together. It would make a cute large banner for a babies room too.


She is adorable! I think she would be totally tweet in all different patterns with a little glitter...then strung together with twin for a banner in my daughters room!

Bethany Becker

What a cute mini. I would love to make these with my students to use about self-esteem and what they like about themselves.


My Blue Bird would figure in a layout or mini-album about my Grandmother. One of my earliest memories is asking her for a bluebird for Christmas. She couldn't find a bluebird anything and gave me a Baltimore Oriole bisque figurine which I still treasure.


I would make a mixed media canvas!

Brandy S

I'd send her with my daughter, who's In kindergarten, for her "something that reminds me of Spring" show and tell day!

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