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April 23, 2012


Natalie (QSOgirl)

the blue bird would be a sweet theme for a baby shower (boy OR girl!)-- especially if it was a surprise... "a little birdie told me..." birds and flowers could decorate the refreshment table, there could be bird-applique onesies for the baby, there could be garlands with birds for decorations...

Miriam Prantner

That album is ADORABLE! I would definitely use the bird on some layouts of my 19 month old. She is all about birds now. We'll be eating breakfast and she'll scream "BIRD!" She'll open up a book (which is totally not about birds) and she'll scream "BIRD!" So the blue bird would be very fitting for her current 'bird' stage. It think they would make a very cute mobile too.


I would make a blue bird garland to string across the ceiling in my daughter's room.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Soooooooooo sweet!! I loveeee this!! And I loveeeeeeeeee your handwriting!

julie e

I would make a bunch of bluebirds and use them on a layout about spring and hope. Maybe even hide journaling about hopes for the coming months under the wings.

Court's Crafts

I think blue bird belongs on a super cute bird house or in a bird cage. Or maybe somehow out in the garden.

Darling little book!

Heather V

I would make the blue bird a little scene out of patterned paper and frame it sans glass. You could also tuck a little mini calendar under the wing for a cute and functional decoration!


Perfect blue bird for my Spring Birthday layouts! Thanks for the chance to win!

Denise Parcells

Very cute idea! I'm a bit intimidated by albums, but I think I could do something like this! Thanks for sharing!


I would put stickles on the bird and put flowers on

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

so cute! love that cute blue bird! would be perfect on my layouts!!!!


I would dress her up with buttons, ribbon and glitter...I would also make it a love letter (one of three) to my children, to tell them, that, although, life is hard, and that they may not always agree with me, that without a doubt, without hesitation, there is nothing, and nobody, that is more important, more valuable to me than them. Than, seal it with a kiss, probably put some money in it, so I know they opened it! HA!!!
Drop it off in the mail, and flutter to them on the wings of the UPS!

Amanda Molter

Love this mini album! I could use a couple little blue "love" birds in the scrappy plans for my wedding (little mini's with our engagement pictures for each table) adorable!

Sara Rusek

I would like to make and laminate an alphabets worth of birds in different colors. This would help my boys learn their alphabet along with colors and sorting. Birds are a lot cuter than boring rectangles!


That cute little blue bird would be perfect in my son's room. He has a banner above his bed where we hand art work and pictures. He is also into animals so a cute little bird with a great 'tweet' aka message, would be really cool!

Ross Plata

I would make a bunch of bluebirds and use them on a layout about spring and hope. Thanks for the chance to win!!!


Lots of great ideas! The bird mini would make a really cute wedding card too. Write different sentiments about marriage and weddings, some funny, some sage, and obviously something heartfelt from you to the couple. I have a couple of weddings this summer, this may have to be lifted into a project for one of them! Thanks for the idea.


Wow those are sooooo TWEET!!!! I love them! I am going to make some of those for my spring cards!

jackie radu in CT

i love the little bird book! i am in the process of planning our wedding, so i can see the little blue bird being used as part of the venues decor - how cute that'd be! :)


The little bird would make an adorable lunch note pad to put love notes to my daughter in her lunchbox with a different note each day. So "tweet"! Thanks for sharing!

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