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March 12, 2012



Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Kaori!! I need to find some of that glue! Adorable book. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Thanks for the tips on how to make one of these!! It is absolutely stunning!


stunning! thank you Kaori!


such a great tutorial!!!!

Alexia Nguyen

thanks for the tutorial, very helpful!


Great tutorial! I have a question. Since there were 2layers of cloth used, is it the second layer that should not be glued to the spine, or both layers should not be glued to the spine? And what's the reason for that? Thanks do much!

Christine M.

The second layer can be adhered to the spine as it's a very thin layer of fabric. The final layer is thicker, and stiffer, so adhering it to the spine would give it less flexibility. The second layer is also added as adhesive will sometimes work it's way through the fabric. The second layer of fabric protects the album from an overabundance of adhesive.

Jessica reyes

Great tutorial! A great way to make your own album using that kind of glue instead of having to use a book binding machine. Will have to look for the glue & try this cute album. Thank you for sharing!


Such a beautiful and easy to follow tutorial!!! Thanks!


Could I use card stock paper?

Diana Trout

I love this book and look forward to making one. One question. I've made glue spine books in the base and they don't lie flat. Does this one lie flat when bound? Thanks!

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