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February 07, 2012


Paula G

Love the Paper Heart collection! My favorite recent Valentines Day memory is actually one I enjoy each year as well - we have had an annual "Valentines Hunt" at our house for 15 years! When my son was small, he wanted to hunt for his Valentines treats just like he hunted for his Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies in the spring! It is such fun hiding away Valentine candies and small gifts throughout the house and watching our kids hunt! I don't think they will ever outgrow it - and neither will I!

nicole austin

wow, these are great projects! i especially love the journal/album. how sweet. well, i don't have any specific favorite recent valentines memories but i do love to make valentines with my kids every year and put together little valentine-themed goodie bags for them!

Cheryl S.

A special Valentine's memory for me is when my hubby sent flowers to me at work. I felt very special!

Jessica Canham

I was a freshman in college and going through a nasty breakup with my high school sweetheart. Mom knew I wouldn't be getting anything from him for Valentine's day, so she came to my school with a huge basket of fresh bagels and candy for me to share with my classmates. (I was a music major in a very small music department.) She left it with the secretary to surprise me in our first class of the day. We were definitely surprised and I think my friends were grateful for the free breakfast! :) Don't I have a great mom?!


Am loving seeing the work that your designers have created with this line! A fave recent Valentine memory is being woken up to a breakfast in bed with heart-shaped pancakes and nutella and a little note saying 'this may be my last valentine's day with my girlfriend, but next year i'll celebrate it with my wife' - ahhh bless :-)


these are such lovely works of heART :) and my fave valentine's moment was, oddly enough, bittersweet... we were newlyweds when my husband brought home the sweetest, cuddliest, most adorable baby bunny to surprise me with, except he had the worst allergy attack ever, so i could not, unfortunately keep it (the bunny, not the hubs ;)) but knowing that he risked not being able to breathe just to make me happy was gift enough for me!

Doris Widder

Okay, this is probably weird to a lot of people, but Larry and I got tattooed on Valentine's day. Crosses with each other's names on them...He got mine on the inside of his left forearm and I got his on my right outer thigh, close to my hip. :-D

Sandy Ang

I'm having a blast making Valentine's day cards last week. It's fun to send something handmade to express my love.

ruth tacoma

I love that my DH surprises me every year and does the Valentine type stuff....on a non-valentine day! For example, I got flowers yesterday, a full week BEFORE Valentine's Day. So much more fun when it isn't expected. :)

emily (justem)

Two years ago was my daughter's first Valentine's day. She had just spent a week in the hospital and having her home and on the road to recovery was the best Valentine's gift ever. :)


I got married on the 15th of Feb and Valentine's day is always memorable as the day that comes before.


When I worked for a plush toy company, it was fun to pick out cute puppy toys and put them on the breakfast table for each of my boys with a few foil wrapped chocolate hearts for Valentine's day. My husband would make then them heart shaped pancakes.


I love when my parents-in-law offer to babysit our child so we can spend some one-on-one time with each other. "Time together" is the best present in the world!

val gould

A semi- recent memory is 7 years when I took the chance and asked a lovely man to see a movie. Now this year we are celebrating 7 years together and a few months married!
I loved the cover on the letters from daddy book, beautiful!


What I love about Valentines day is the awareness of my husband of being a little more attentive and a little more romantic.


It's always a fun night because I don't have to cook! =)


My favorite memory is of Valentines Day three years ago which was the first one my now DH and I spent together. We went to a really cute and kind of romantic Mexican restaurant. Had a long leisurely dinner and talked the night away. Even the waitress told us she could see how much we loved each other. We've spent every VDay there since, got engaged there and even had our wedding luncheon there. Guess where we're going to dinner for Valentine's Day.


I have been loving coming up with traditions for our kids for Valentine's Day. They always get heart-shaped balloons, we make cupcakes, we eat a heart-shaped pizza for dinner, we make Valentines and send them to family members-fun stuff like that to make the day special!

April Yap

I loved and treasured the cards that my hubby drawn for me, every Valentine's Day! He is really good at drawing comics. There was always funny stories and lines, and it would always ended up with a "I love you". He even drew me a little book once! Love his humor and sweet thought!

Fleur Smith

For me it's always about getting those handmade gifts from my kids, last year they made a mini mini album about what they loved about their mom and dad and it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever :)

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