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February 07, 2012


Mel H

I really enjoyed my valentine's day last year...we had a nice dinner at home, and I got a beautiful necklace that my husband and daughter worked together to pick out especially for me.

Larissa Heskett =)

My husband and I always go to a movie!! It is a time for us to just be together and away from the NORMAL everyday things of being a family/parent!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


My boyfriend bought me a Snuggie for Vday last year. Best present EVER.

Melissa D. Scrapper

My husband and I had been shuttling kids everywhere, work was stressful, etc., etc. so I planned a surprise. Booked a sitter, made dinner reservations and bought him a gift...something we never do for Valentine's Day. He walked in from work and I was dressed up and ready for a night out. He was very surprised and we had a great night!


A recent fun Vday memory was getting a surprise handmade card that my friend's daughter made for me. I make her cards frequently and they display them in her room. It was SO sweet that she thought of me and made one for me in return. :) It made me SO happy.


My husband and I really haven't done too much special the last few years and unfortunately we'll be traveling this year. Do you suppose we can find something "romantic" at O'Hare Airport? LOL

Brittany McLeod

My favorite memories of Valentine's Day is when I was younger. My mom would put together a basket of goodies and a toy for my brothers and I, I just loved spending time with them. I also loved getting my class Valentine cards ready to bring to school with my mom, it was always fun picking out which ones to get for that year.

Tessa Buys

This past year I bought my boys each a stuffed animal and a DVD for Valentine's Day. We cuddled and watched movies and enjoyed our time together :).


Last year I made a fun meander book for my husband!

Bethany E.

It's not recent, but it will always be my favorite valentines's day memory...my amazing husband proposing to me 10 years ago!!

Lisa P

Last year I went all out and planned a menu down to the last detail that had to do with red, hot, love etc. I decorated, set the table fancy, did it all up and then realized after that my two almost teenagers and my hubby just didn't get it like I would have liked. Oh well, I had fun making it. Appreciation will come later, right?


My favorite memory was my first valentine's day with a significant other. It was just so nice to have someone other than family and friends to share that day with. Now he is my husband and I will never forget our first Valentine's day.

jan m

Lovely projects on the post today! My favorite part of Valentine's celebration is sending homemade cards to all my loved ones and especially my girlfriends! The gives me joy!

Cristina Madrid

When you have little ones, life gets so busy that you almost forget to celebrate things for yourself. A simple but yet AMAZING box of CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES made my V-Day last year. Isn't it crazy how something so simple can make you SMILE!!!


my son plays baseball so the past several valentine's days have been spent at the 'baseball diamond'---diamonds are for valentine's right?

Tarrah McLean

Last year for Valentine's Day my husband had ran me a beautiful bubble bath with rose petals and candles all around, it was perfect.

Thanks for the chance to win!!


I made a Valentine card for my niece. The paper was lavender colored and I used metallic ink on a bird and birdcage motif. She enjoys simplicity and I kept the card minimalistic. I was pleased with result and she was delighted.

Bethany Becker

Gorgeous projects. My Hubby made a very romantic dinner last year and bought me flowers. I don't get flowers often, so I really enjoyed them.

Amber Lynn

Lovely projects ladies!
For me Valentine's Day is special every year because that is when me and my high school sweetheart started dating and we have been together every since. This Valentine's Day it will be 13 years.

Jan Garber

I never thought that hearing "Will you be my Valentine?" would ever be as sweet as when my husband and I shared our first V-Day! But, I have to admit, when my 5nyear old grandson asked me last year if I would be his special valentine, I melted. He is such a sweet boy and loves to snuggle. I only wish these moments would last forever and that he would be never be too old to hug his grandma!

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