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February 07, 2012



Great projects and layouts.
One of my recent favorite memories was a year or 2 ago when we gave all the kids a little box of chocolates. Not more than 5 or 6 chocolates in there but my daughters box hung around for days after vday. Finally I checked it out and each chocolate had a bite out of it. So like my daughter! She has to try it all and then move on to the next thing. lol


It isn't directly Valentine related, but it was recent, and it is all about love:

My 3 year old and I were shopping in a store where they had dresses appropriate for junior bridesmaids - sort of mini wedding dresses. I said to her "When you get married, will you let me come with you to buy your dress?" and she said, "Of course!" I asked, "Will you buy a great big poofy dress like these ones?" and she said, "Yes, of course. What princess will I be?" [because she believes ladies are princesses when they get married]. I told her, "You will be Princess Emma" "Who will be my prince?" she asked. I said, "Whoever you love the most" and she said, "Dad will be my prince. I am going to marry dad"

It was all I could do to *not* burst into tears right there in the middle of the store! She is just a sweetheart.

My favourite Valentine moment would be the day she said to me, "You are my Valentine mum, because I love you".



I think the best one that comes to mind is my husband and I spending the entire day together, off work, no kids, just us!

Renee Zwirek

I have to admit...my husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, because we feel saying/expressing "I LOVE YOU" should be done EVERY DAY with the people you love. I LOVE getting special hearts and flowers that my girls draw, cut-out, fringe, and decorate throughout the year. We do have fun with our girls on Valentine's Day...sending out Valentine's to classmates at school and ordering out to enjoy a special dinner of their choice. Why is it that they always seem to choose McDonald's!? LOL, I still love it! Have a Loving and Fun-Filled Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Brandy S

The time I got tickets 4 a Prince concert. Hard to top that but he's still trying & that's why I love him;)


I love the little hearts my son makes and the time he takes to make just the right project for me, because he loves me!

Carol B

I love every VDay because I love to make V Day cards!

Carol B


Such gorgeous Valentine's creations! My favourite Valentine's Day memory is from last year. For the first time I dared to send the boy that I loved a handmade card.

Lara Carson

I love that hubby always tries to do something romantic every year...He never forgets. It is not a specific memory so much as a series of moments that make me feel so special at Valentine's time and through out the year!

Michelle A.

My dear hubby surprising me with flowers out of the blue!

sharon gullikson

My 87 yr old (male) friend from the gym brought me a Valentine and candy. (He hates to shop, so it meant all the more to me). I'm his only friend, and he's very special to me. (He's almost the same age as my grandpa).

B. Poteraj

We went on a Vespa ride, and had a picnic at a park up in the hills. It was really sweet.

Micah G.

My parents bought me a pound of See's chocolates, and I ate them all. They bought me a certificate so I could pick all of my favorites.

Natasha G.P.

My boyfriend made all of the plans for a day of all my favorite things. Foods, places, everything.

tammy K

My son in about 1st or 2nd grade got "secret admirer" valentines...SO cute and sweet!


My husband proposed to me on valentines day 5 years ago! I would say that will allways be my favorite valentines day!!!!

Amy S. (AmyBug)

Last year I was totally floored when on Valentine's Day I received a package from Apple and hubby had bought me an Ipad. He can be well lets say a total end cap shopper waiting til the last minute on gifts or either I tell him exactly what I want. Well last year he was deployed and I had no clue that he was doing this. Well it was one of the best surprises ever! :)

Melanie Blackburn

Receiving a handmade valentine from my 6 year old daugther is the best valentine's present to date!

Sav O'G

OHHH! Another fabulous set of projects shared today! I LOOOOOOOOOVE these papers!

I really enjoy celebrating my love for my husband--however, we don't celebrate vday. We celebrate our love every single day! So it's kind of like vday x365 days a year! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I LOVE looking back at how much my love for him has grown--I never thought I could love someone this much!

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christy a

I can't remember a specific present I received really standing out. But, I loved getting to help my oldest daughter make her very first valentine box for school. That time with her, re-living the fun of the valentine box and seeing her in awe of how it turned out was a great present!!

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