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February 07, 2012


Angela Fehr

I never expect my husband to do something special for me for Valentine's - after all, our anniversary was in January and my birthday is at the end of February. But he always surprises me with something.
It was most meaningful the year we met at the hospital where our newborn daughter was struggling with pneumonia. He had been away at school and drove five hours to meet me there, and he still had flowers for me and candy for my mom who was with me. And our daughter recovered just fine!

Nicole Doiron

Aww... let's try this again - hehehe Yesterday i shared my most memorable childhood V Day moment. My most memorable ALL-TIME V Day moments have got to be ALL the ones i spent with my fiance Yves ever since we met 6 years ago. Having almost always been single until my early 30's, i finally found THE one in 2006 and ever since, every single day is Valentine's Day for me :)


My and hubby of 6 years don't really celebrate V-day. His birthday is close to Christmas, My birthday is the first of the year. But after I had my 2nd daughter, he surprise me with a couples massage. OMG did we both need it with 2 little girls under 2. I want one of those again, please lol. Thanks for a chance to win!!!!

Jena Baker

My favorite Valentine's memories over the past few years are getting the beautiful handmade Valentine's from my kids. They put so much thought and LOVE into them. I'll treasure them forever.

Jennifer C

I love that my husband and I get to go out for dinner around Vday every year. I look forward to it every year!

Lisa C.

After 23 years of marriage my sweet husband still brings me flowers or roses and a box of chocolates! And a couple of years ago he handmade me a beautiful card using my scrapping supplies!! Even used stickles :) He's a true romantic!


All these projects are just amazing!! One of my favorite recent Valentines was in 2009... I had made my first mini album as a gift to my husband, and he loved it! But I have to say that every year, my husband manages to surprise me with a little gift. I am looking forward to this year's celebration!

Jennifer Shaw

One year my husband bought me the most beautiful flower bouquet. The colours were red, white, purple and these amazing aqua coloured orchids. It was stunning!

Allison Waken

I love that we do Valentine's at home. I try and make it special with candles at dinner or popcorn and a movie!

Cyndee K.

I love the sweet cards that my 2 children draw, cut and glue for me... They're usually encrusted in stickers, but they're made with lots of love!

Amanda Counce

It may be cheesy, but every Valentines Day with boyfriend is amazing! He's my best friend and just having nice dinner together makes a great Vday.

Cynthia B.

My favorite Valentine's memory recently was a couple of years ago when I gave my kids each coupon book (made with my Cricut and a bunch of supplies from my stash) with promises of goodies when redeemed. My daughter was all over it, and she used her coupons (lunch brought to school, an item from the Target dollar spot, etc.) fairly quickly. I have to chuckle about my son, though, because he was "saving" the coupons (a hoarder like his mama!). Just a few weeks ago, he turned in an old coupon for extra video game time! There was no expiration date on there, so we called it good. :)


We were completely broke when we got married....so no engagement ring. But many years later on Valentine's day he presented me with a diamond. All by itself. (which later became a ring) What a great memory!

Tiffany M.

My husband buys the best Valentine cards. I don't know how long he spends reading them all before picking one out, but they are always perfect!

Denise M.

Last year I came home after a day of errands and my hubby was in my craft room with the door closed. I knocked-he said go away! A few minutes later my husband came out with my daughter (4 at the time)and gave me a handmade valentine card. He took a 12 x 12 pink cardstock and folded it in half, then he cut a heart out of it. He and my daughter colored it and he wrote on the inside that he was so thankful for me being his housekeeper, cook, bookkeeper, wife, mother etc.. and that he loved me. It made me get teary eyed!!!!

Rebecca Lovell

These are all so lovely!! Last year's Valentine's Day is memorable to me, because my hubby actually took me out to dinner for it. It's so rare that we go out on our own, and it really meant a lot to me. He even had flowers for me - it was very special!

Amanda Coleman

When my hubby and I were in grad school, we went to the fanciest restaurant in town. It was such a treat!

Lea Lawson

A few years ago, Target came out with this super cute cupcake themed items for your kitchen & home. It was part of their valentine's collection, and I just loved it! But, I just don't really purchase myself frivolous stuff like that, so I passed on it. I happened to tell my mom how cute the stuff was, and a few days later a little package just happened to show up in my kitchen. She had gone to Target and purchased me one of the coffee mugs, a couple of the dish towels, a spatula and frame. Now it is a tradition...either my mom or husband get me one of the valentine's day themed coffee mugs from Target each year. It is very special to me!

cindy b

Two Valentine's ago I treated my Mama to a whole day of what she loves. It was the best day we spent together just pampering her. She loved every minute of it. :D

April W

What amazing projects!!! :)

A current favorite Valentine's moment for me would be the way we spent last year. My hubby and I along with our sweet daughters, just quietly enjoying some family time together at home. There's nothing better!!

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