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February 07, 2012



Last year my husband and son made me dinner. They were so cute, they planned, shopped, and prepared it all. It was very sweet and really tasty!

Chris Cross

My husband and I do not make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but I do love making something adorable for my children.

Cassie G

I really do love the special dinners out wih husband, however I think my favorite memories are of helping the kids prepare their valentines for school. One year my husband and I decorated little lunch pails for the children to carry their valentines to school. My husband helped print out some fun images to go along with the children's favorite characters. We stayed up together late that night working on our surprise for the kids to wake up to the next day.


Such lovely projects! My hands are itching for some time to scrap...

For the last 4 years I've been working with kids and last year all the kids got a candy heart to eat at the end of their group time. Almost all of them ate their hearts up at once, but one boy just nibbled on his, telling us he wanted to save it and share it with his two brothers! My heart just melted, and since he was the last to go, he got two extra candy hearts for his brothers.

Wendi R

ohhhh wonderful projects and love the mini!!!!

I loved when we would go out to dinner before we had kids on Valentines day. But one year we couldn't afford to go out, so we made a realllly nice dinner and dessert and ate it, and that was really romantic.

Jean Marmo

Since my birthday is the 12th, Dh tends to combine them both into one. We usually have dinner. Sometimes he gets me flowers.


My husband knows that my secret vice is donuts... He got up before the sun came up and brought me fresh Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts!! If you don't know the goodness that is Krispy Kreme you are missing out!!

Miss Cooper

Beautiful projects!! I love that I get to share V-Day gifts with my kiddos. It's so much fun picking out goodies!

J. Jones

Stunning inspiration!! My favorite memory is going to the Smokey Mountains with my husband. We didn't get to go on a honeymoon so it was nice to finally get away!!

Sherry Murphy

The box is super duper cute! My best recent memory is making valentines cookies with my boys. We had a great time mixing out own icing and playing with cookie cutters!


The last four or five years with the next generation of kids being born in our family my teenage daughter and I have made it a tradition to make them all valentine's and mail them out. We have now decided to include all the family grandparents, aunts, uncles and such just to let everyone know they are loved and are special to us. We like to mix it up some get cards, tags, pop-up die shapes with glitter, stickers, conversation hearts, etc.

Jeannine H

This is more of a series of all-time memories but 2 very special aunts sent me Valentine's Day cards for years, even decades. The have both unfortunately passed away but I've saved most of those cards and I'll treasure the love they gave me, from close by and far away, forever!


Love all projects! they're so beautiful.
A few years ago, my sweetheart sent me a love song through my cell phone. I was driving then and had tears of joy...

Natalie G

My husband brings me flowers every Valentines Day... Last year I photographed them and this year I framed two of the prints and hung them in our bedroom... I thought it was really sweet of my husband when he looked at them and told me they looked much nicer than "store bought ones" haha. he is sweet.


Last year my husband showed up on Fabraury 13th with a huge bunch of sunflowers and a hand made card- he wanted to surprise me so he got the flowers early and had our 1 year old daughter make a few marks on a plain white sheet of paper- it was just nice to be surprised- it doesn't happen often so when it does I REALLY remember. :) Beautiful mini from Rahel- all the projects on this post are AMAZING!

laura stewart

great mini books!!

just staying at home is great with me any more, everything is so crowded


I think it's the little things for me. This year, my hubs brought me a simple card and a Kit-Kat bar just because it's my favorite. We had a date too, but those little moments and the fact he knows my favorite means a lot.

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