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February 07, 2012


Heather Topich

Two years ago, I made biscuits with M&Ms for breakfast on Valentine's Day. My kids STILL talk about them and want Reese's Pieces in biscuits this year. I love little things that make them happy!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

One year my husband bought me and my daughter (she was 3 at the time) stuffed Valentine's bears!! It was so sweet of him, and our daughter was thrilled because her and Mommy got a bear from Daddy! To this day she has them both on her headboard of her bed! :):):)

I loveeeeeeee all the projects and stories! So BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):)

Jennifer grace

Gorgeous projects, especially the decorated box of chocs!

A recent valentines memory is just a nice meal out at my favourite local restaurant. It wasn't anything exciting, just a lovely, quiet evening away from the kids, enjoying delicious food and wine. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. X

Charlotte Brochu

A recent memory is the thing I started last Valentines Day and hope to continue for many years to come. I made each of my girls Valentines and it was so sweet to watch their faces. They also got their favourite chocolates. They've already started hinting about this year! LOL!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

I have to admit, my husband and I just don't really celebrate Valentine's day, so I don't have any recent memories (aside from celebrating our dating anniversary/engagement anniversary on Feb 7 & 8). Now that we have a new baby daughter, maybe we'll start some traditions with her.


Is five years recent? Because on Valentine's Day five years ago, I proposed to my husband and I think it's safe to say no Valentine's Gift (he said yes!) has ever brought me nearly as much joy... :)


I gotta say that my favorite holiday gifts, including valentines, are the gifts that my littles make for me :) Last year, we got a pink paper (her favorite color) with lots of little streamers all over it. The smile on my daughter's face is a gift in itself :)

Karen B.

My most recent favorite memory was last year when my youngest gave me a Valentine's that the teachers helped him with at school. Cute, but the icing on the cake was also the wet and sticky sucker attached to it. Apparently he tried it out and didn't like the flavor so he wrapped it back up again and gave it to me!

Miriam Prantner

Last year was a lot of fun for me as my oldest was 3 and really 'got' Valentine's Day. We out together treat bags to take to school, and she pored over the valentines she received. Looking forward to tomorrow night when we'll be making this year's valentines!


Believe it or not, I was anti-Valentine until Crate's Paper Heart release! It was so pretty that my hubby & I have started a new tradition this year of making one another handmade valentines (as people did historically, before the rise of the mass-produced factory-made card industry). Thank You Crate Paper!

Margie Visnick

Last year, my hubby surprised me with having flowers delivered to the house. Made my day!

Jocelyn Langston

Wow, these projects are beautiful! I'm very inspired to make a mini album for our first year as newlyweds.

Last year husband and I decided not to really celebrate Valentine's day since we were so busy and just got back from our honeymoon. That night I came home from working a late shift, and my husband had the table set with candles, dinner, and a gift with a card he made himself! Now this year it's my turn to do something special.

Heather I.

AMAZING GOODIES!!!! I'm loving all the inspiration (as usual) here!

For me, I'd have to say this year stands out. My kids and I (they are 10, 6, & 3) have been making Valentines for their classes for a few weeks now. it's fun now that they are all old enough to participate and they all love to craft! We've made hand stamped/colored Valentines,and crayons using heart molds and old broken crayons. Then we put them in clear bags with a pack of nerd candies. It’s been a great experience!

Mary-Ann M.

Which page is the front cover of Rahels album? I can not tell.....

Last year I woke to sweet kisses from my boy. He just asked me last night how I want to be waken on Valentine's day again this year:o) The heart projects that he makes in school are my favorite.

Ashley Horton

We really don't do anything special for Valentine's day, because we pretty much celebrate it all year long! :) But we usually try to go out to eat to celebrate every other year or so...just not on the actual day of Valentines, because it would be impossible to get in a restaurant!! :)


My favorite memory of valentine's day would have to be my first valentine's day with my, now, husband. I think it was the first "real" valentine's day I had ever shared with someone.


It's not a specific event, but every year I make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and a special dinner for the family. We usually exchange gifts. And, of course there are flowers for everyone. The kids usually present me with something wonderfully homemade. It's a great day.

Anna Petitt

For me, I just love watching my daughter get her little Valentine gifts from her Daddy and I! The joy on her face is enough for me every year! :) Afterall she is the love of my life!


My favorite "present" valentine memory is threee years ago when my mate wrote a beautiful love letter. I love it so much for its simplity and yet efficacity : it still warms up my heart every now and then whenever it's needed!

Mandy Szeto

Well since the new Valentines day isn't here yet, the most recent would be last valentines day. It was my bf and my first valentines day together. He didn't understand the significance because he is European and apparently to him isn't a big deal. But two days later, he realized he totally missed something and bought me flowers.

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