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February 06, 2012



The one from the past I remember best was about 10yrs ago when my husband unexpectedly came home with a gift for me and our 3yr old daughter. We seldom do gifts and when it comes to the kids I'm usually the one shopping, so it was fun to have him do it on his own.

Renee Zwirek

I loved giving out Valentine's to my classmates and getting them in return. SO giddy over getting a Valentine card from the boy I had a crush on in my class!


Nothing really stands out specifically, but I did love the Valentines Day parties at school and exchanging those cheesy store bought valentine cards! It was so much fun!

Sav O'G

OHHH! Beautiful projects shared today--and the stories are super cute!

I don't remember doing anything really fun as a child for Vday--but I remember when I gave my very first homemade vday card to my boyfriend--I loved how he looked at the card and said it was the best ever! I had made it completely out of construction paper (this was WAY before designer papers! LOL!).

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Mel H

I remember the year I got a huge stuffed horse for valentine's day...I had him for years until his stuffing finally gave out!


The most adorable memories is the lovely painting I made with my brothers. At the same time we were good for each other all day long for our parents :)


I loved elementary school Valentine's - where EVERYBODY gets cards and can share in the happy day. I don't get cards anymore - only from my fiance - on Vday, so thinking of those days is really fun. Hopefully kids are still doing that these days!!

Bethany E.

I still remember a boy in 6 grade bringing me chocolates...hahaha! So cute!

Sample Letters

This is so nice..And indeed...the event itself is going to be great.

Lisa P

My most memorable Valentine's day from my childhood was the day I got appendicitis, missed our valentines party, was soooo sad! My aunt showed up with all kinds of special chocolates, presents, cards etc. It made up for it.

Hilary A

It's not really from my childhood, per se, but five Valentine's ago is when I went on my first date with my current boyfriend :). We went to see a band coincidentally called Boys Like Girls.
x Hilary

Bethany Becker

Valentines day was not a favorite day of mine to celebrate, but I always enjoyed the excitement of finding out who put valentines into your box at school.

Jan Garber

My father would bring my sister and me a box of our very own chocolates, every year never fail! He would come home from work, present my mother with a card and chocolates, and then turn and have two very special boxes of candy for us! It was a very thoughtful and sweet gesture that he continues although we are both married and moved away! In our 50's, we still get Easter baskets, too!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Absolutely gorgeous projects! I love them!! And my fave childhood memory was my Daddy taking me to the Father/Daughter Valentine's dance for Kindergarten through the third grade! I loved those days! :):):):):):):):):):):)

ruth tacoma

My fave childhood memory has WAY less to do with love, but rather the creativity that goes along with Valentine's Day.

The best part for me was always decorating my box or large envelope at school that all my valentine's would go in to. I remember it being such a focal point and having so much fun deciding how to make mine look. The valentine's were fun too, but there was so much more surface space to decorate on that container! :)

emily (justem)

My best childhood memory of Valentine's Day?? I got pink eye in the 3rd grade and had to be sent home! I remember sitting in the car with my box of Valentines. My teacher made me promise to wait until 2:30 to open them, which is when the class would be having their party. I tried to resist but couldn't help sneaking a few open while my mom ran into the pharmacy to get my medicine! ;)


I remember cutting hearts to make a Valentine's card but I can't remember the recipient. Since I went to a girls' school, it was probably for another girl...ooops.


We used to decorate paper lunch bags for our Valentine "mailbox" at school. It was fun to read all the cute little cards later. I remember in Grade 4, the boy who sat in front of me told me I was the only girl he gave a card to...I was startled, as the feeling was not mutual!


favorite childhood memory is making the little mailboxes that everyone would put their valentine's cards in for you. I loved bringing it home and spreading out the little cards allover the floor.

Amy Jones

I remember Valentines day was always a big thing when we were little. We had fun decorating mailbox's or shoebox's to collect our valentines and having parties at school were fun. I loved getting Valentines for everyone and receiving them made me feel LOVED.

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