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February 06, 2012


Vicki Bailon

I have real sweet memories of my dad always showering my mom and I with presents and lots of chocolates. I felt so loved by my Dad. :)


I remember making a valentine card holder that looked like a dog from paper plates in school. I wonder if I still have it?

Margie Visnick

I always loved making my own valentines, evan as a child...but I remember one year that scratch and sniff was the big thing and I was so excited when my mom bought me some!


I have lots of great Valentines memories; crafting valentines from red and pink paper, doilies and glue, getting roses from my Dad, and an unexpected plate of homemade fudge from a nice young man.:) Love this sweet line!

Theresa Grdina

My favorite memory is when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. We made bags to collect our valentines in. We decorated them and made them very colorful. Then, we took turns going up to the table where the valentine bags were and put our valentines in everyone's bag. It was so much fun to go home and read all of my valentines! I felt so special!!! *sigh*

Lisa C.

I just remember how exciting it was to decorate a kleenex box or shoe box each year in anticipation of receiving little Valentine cards from my classmates. I just loved picking out the paper and stickers and glueing it all together! No wonder I love scrapbooking so much!!

christy a

My parents always woke us up on Valentine's Day with a little treat (candy) and many "I love you's." It was so simple and won of my treasured memories because it was heartfelt and I felt deeply loved.


I remember receiving a little package of cinnamon hearts all wrapped up in blue ribbon from the boy I had a crush on in the sixth grade. I felt so special!


When I was in the first grade, I got the chicken pox and had to miss my Valentines party at school. Devastating for a 5 year old. But my teacher hand delivered all my Valentines that day. The sweetest :)

Jena Baker

In Jr. High we could buy candy and put Valentines notes on it for our friends and "crushes". Then during the last period of the day student council members would arrive to each class and hand out the candy. The suspense of whether or not you would get candy and if so from whom was very exciting, especially if you got candy from a secret admirer.

Cristina Madrid

There is something about Valentines Day that makes me giddy. Matters of the HEART are very dearing to me. I love how special this day is for all those who you love and care about. My ALL TIME FAVORITE memory of this VERY SPECIAL DAY is being able to create HANDMADE cards for my loved ones. EACH CARD IS MADE WITH LOVE because I love creating each one. The joy it brings me to show my loved ones that I love them is priceless!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

My husband and I celebrate our engagement anniversary (Feb 7) instead of Valentine's day. {A funny side-note: When we got engaged, my husband's roommate at the time joked that he had popped the question too soon-- while the rose prices were still really high for V-day! Now he'd be stuck each year!}

Cyndee K.

My mom would always spell out a funny/ sweet message for me with conversation hearts... I just remember lots of giggles when I'd read the message.


I remember getting really good at making a ruffle around a giant heart using crepe paper and glue. I loved making those for my mom.

Julie O.

When I was thirteen I got a 'sweet' V-day surprise from a secret admirer that included a poem. I was tickled pink! Thanks for a chance at this gorgeous paper. I'm stalking stores to see when they get it in!

Anna Petitt

I don't really remember childhood memories except making Valentine boxes for school and collecting all the little cards from our friends!! But for the last 10 years or so our Valentine Day's tradition is go to the State Fair every year!! We love to ride the rides and walk around! And the fair food is soooo much better than a box of chocolate! Good times, can't wait till this year!!

Melanie C

I always loved making valentine sugar cookies with frosting with mom and sisters!
I would make a cute mini album with this line...love it!

Nicolle Kramer

My fave memories from childhood is when my dad would give me a heart box of full chocolates. Mmmm I've always loved anything chocolatey. I also enjoyed handing out valentines in elementary school. Loved seeing the boys expressions on their faces ..haaa..too funny...

Jobita Ahrens

I come from a country that doesn't celebrates valentines day. I do have a lots of memories with my wonderful husband of 16 years. From a simple breakfast to romantic dinner at home.

Amanda Coleman

I loved exchanging valentines in elementary school. I would pour over my collection for hours, always saving the best candy for last!

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