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February 06, 2012



My favorite childhood memory was decorating the shoe boxes for our valentines and then getting to walk around the classroom to put the Valentines I had to give away in other people's shoe boxes.


I guess my favorite memory of Valentine's day will be trying to create different types of flowers from paper, napkins, newspaper etc each year. That was always fun, creating them with my sisters=)

Fleur Smith

Beautiful projects - I always loved making valentines cards when I was growing up and now my kids love to make their own too :)


I just got this collection and I LOVE IT!!!! I can not wait to scrap pics of my my sweetheart!!! I love todays projects! Thank you for all the inspiration!!!


I loved when we made big heart envelopes for the back of our seats in elementary school, and then handed out our valentines to everyone else in the class.


I want this collection to do a lot of layouts with me and my husband, my daughter!
These papers are so delicate and lovely!

Jeannine H

I have such fond memories of decoraing paper bags in elementary school, putting them at the back of the class, distributing the valentines in all the bags and loving seeing what I got!

Jean Marmo

To be honest I don't remember any valentine's day activities. Could be old age:) I do remember helping my kids make shoe box mailboxes for all their valentine's.


We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in Israel, so I have no childhood memeory to share.
I'd make a mini album with Paper Heart... it so beautiful and full of lovely colors.

Linda E

I remember getting my first heart-shaped box of chocolates from the boy across the street. I was 8!

Melinda Wilson

We didn't do a lot for Valentine but we did make some really cute "shoebox mailboxes" in elementary school for others to deliver their valentine. I always remember all the cute things we would do to decorate them and then keep them around for about a month.

laura stewart

great cards!

I always loved valentine's day at school and exchanging cards

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