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February 06, 2012


tina phillips

Really no memorable childhood valentine memories......my birthday is the 15th of Feb so I always felt kinda ripped off and would get a dual card/present.....lol. I vowed when I got older I would find a man that would splurge for BOTH and not just one :):)

I love this line and would LOVEEEEE to win!!! Thanks for the chance!! I heart Crate paper!!!

Angela H.

Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for me (I guess my husband got off easy on that one!), but I do fondly remember decorating shoe boxes in school to collect valentines from classmates.

Oh, and I LOVE this line. Been using it like crazy :)

Cindy deRosier

My favorite Valentines Day was when I was about 10. My dad took me to a Father/Daughter Banquet. It was so much fun.

Doris Widder

My only daughter's B-day (she's the middle child with 2 older brothers and 2 younger brothers) is so close to Valentines, I would actually use Paper Heart to scrap pages of her and to make both Valentines and birthday cards for her. Would be nice to use to decorate gifts for her as well. She loves hearts and draws them on all of her pictures. :-D

Nicole Doiron

My favorite childhood Valentine's Day memory is finding a chocolate heart under my pillow in the morning of the big day with a little love note put there by my Mom :) She was definitely my favorite Valentine!

Amanda Counce

The best part about Valentine's Day as a child was making the mailboxes for your classmates to fill with little cards. Of course mine is a crafty memory. Lol


My mother always cook something special for my sister and me. Lovely days>


Sweden wasn't been very big on Valentine's when I was i kid, but it has changed in the last few years. My fondest memory is not from my childhood, but from my first year livig on my own - and in a totally different city than my parents (which was way harder for my mom than for me!). I sent my mom a cute pair of earrings for Valentine's, and i sent them to her shop so she would get them right when the postman delivered them. My sentimental mom opened her present and started to cry, and in that moment a costumer walked in! The poor woman got a bit of a fright seeing my mom with tears down her face... My mom called me right after and jokingly told me off for making her scare her costumers! She loved the earrings and she still keeps the card on her noticeboard. :)

Charlotte Brochu

No Valentine memories here! I don't think we made much of this occassion when I was a kid. With my kids though, I make each of them a card and give them a sweet treat! I would love this line to create a mini book about my 3 daughters!


Not much of a Valentine's family so no tales to tell, but I have to say I love the collection with that little hit of aqua in it

Mary-Ann M.

My favorite memory of V-day was sitting waiting patiently for the carnations to be passed out is school and to see who sent it and what color it was because every color meant something different. How embarrassing it was to get a red one (LOVE) from someone you you didn't like. Then receiving a white one (FRIEND) from the guy you wanted the red from:o)

susan Tutt

As a young child it was so exciting to make the mailbox to house all of the valentine cards and goodies. The best part though was reading through all of the fun Valentines and eating the goodies!!

Cheryl Leong

I would like to make each of my friends a love note with a simple PAPER HEART card :D

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Melanie Blackburn

For me it was in High School when they would sell roses as a fund raiser for prom. My boyfriend (now my husband) would buy me a couple of roses. It was always fun to see who got flowers.

Tracey H.

My favorite Valentines memory from childhood was waking up in the morning to find the treats and chocolates my dad left on my dresser before he left for work...!

Tiffany M.

My favorite Valentines memory was creating my Valentine "mailbox" in the 5th grade. I was so proud of the thing. Wish I had pictures of it because how I remember it looking is probably nothing what it really was. :)


As a kid, I always remember shuffling through the deck of valentine cards trying the find the perfect ones for my closests friends and trying not to give those "lovey" ones to the boys. HA!

Miriam Prantner

We didn't really do much for Valentine's Day....my parents were new to the country, and it's not something they really celebrated in Taiwan, so I'll share my college roommate's tradition. They had a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt complete with cheesy rhymes with some candy/treats at the end. She was very homesick her first year at college, so I set up a hunt all over campus for her, complete with cheesy rhymes. :)

Kelly Massman

One of my favorite childhood memories from Valentine's is receiving a snoopy mug from a church friend! I loved the Peanuts characters! Thanks!

Heather I.

It's funny but my only Valentines Day memory - that I think of every Valentines day - is of when I was in 4th or 5th grade and I came home from school, with my paper envelope full of Valentines and poured them out on my floor and oogled my goodies. Then I watched Kids Incorporated :). Funny!

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