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January 31, 2012


April W

These are so amazing!! :) The last party I went to was my daughter's birthday party, lol...six 12 year old girls acting CRAZY, but it was still a good time!
- April W

Ashley Horton

We just celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday this past weekend!! It was a so great to get together with all of the family and some long-time family friends and enjoy a night out for dinner!

Sarah Hofseth

I haven't been to a party in ages! This line is so cute, it makes me want to throw one with the cutest decor! I love the confetti and the sparkly strawberry in the photos! Cute!

Miriam Prantner

We went to a baptism celebration/party a few weeks ago. Beautiful invitation, and great food, my favorite was a spinach salad with bacon, hard boiled eggs, vinaigrette, just yummy (and I'm not usually a vegetable person....but bacon makes everything good)!

Brenna C

My daughter's second birthday party was the last party for me! It was a rainbow party and the 6 layer rainbow cake I made was Definitly the highlight!

Gina M

The last party I attended was with my Bunco group. Lots of fun and laughter.
This project is darling!


The last formal party I attended was on New Years Eve. I loved the decor that my friend had set up, it was so festive!

Kerry A

I just love this new collection! My favorite thing about the last party I attended was spending quality time talking and laughing with my family...creating memories (that I'm sure I'll scrapbook soon!)

Jenny Morgan

The last party I attended was a girls' craft day at a friend's house for Christmas. The best part was the favor at our place setting which was a little pink bottle brush tree inside a salt shaker with some mica flakes sprinkled around the tree as "snow".

Cyndee K.

My daughter's 4th birthday was the last party I attended - and the rainbow cake (on the inside!) I made her was a huge hit - especially with her!


Last party was a retirement party. Not much in the way of decorations, but they had great food and beverages... and I made a scrappy going away present that was fun!

Renee Zwirek

Right now, I'm excited for the birthday parties I'm planning for my girls in March and April...won't reveal anything yet...just that it will be pretty parties. This Pretty Party Collection would be pretty perfect for the LO's and mini-albums I plan to make my girls. Yes, I'm one of those crazy moms who absolutely LOVES throwing her kids' birthday parties! LOL! Thanks for the chance to win!

Bethany E.

My daughters' 2nd and 6th birthday party (their date are within 2 weeks of each other)! It was so fun and I think my favorite part was the "photo booth" I made to take pictures of them with each of their guests...so fun! This is my favorite line EVER!


So gorgeous! I love it!

Tessa Buys

The last party I went to was a Sweet Sixteen that I threw for my sister-in-law. It was also her Golden Birthday (she turned 16 on the 16th). She chose chocolate as her theme and everything was decorated in gold :). Thanks for the chance!


It has been all 5 year old Mario Birthday parties around here. Not quite as "pretty" but we did make lovely sparkly Princess Peach Crowns for the girls and a fun Mario Galaxy planet cake complete with characters from the game.

Silvia Mendoza

The last party I attended was a tea party. I had to dress up on. It was awesome, a good excuse to get friends together. THe table was decorated with lots of flowers and vintange stuff and the food was delicious.

amber engelhardt

my daughter's 5th birthday party was themed "Pixies and Pirates" and she dressed up like tinkerbell and the girls in fairy outfits and boys in pirate hats and eye patches. So cute!

Larissa Heskett =)

WE actually just had a party two weekends ago!! We went to St.Louis for the Blues/Penguins Hockey game!! We took a group of friends and I decorated the Hockey Suite!! It was a BLAST~~the game went into overtime and they had to do a shoot out!! The Penguins won by 1. It couldn't have been a better game and it was a FUN PARTY!! Watching the AWESOME game with our good friends and being in the Suite at Center Ice along with the good game food and beverages was my FAVORITE part!! =)

Olivia L.

We like to party over here! We had one just for the girls two weeks ago. Chocolate cake, crack salsa, and Miss Anerica made for a pretty party indeed :)

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