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January 31, 2012


Lisa Risser

Our most recent party was my daughters 16th Birthday. I will always cherish the shocked look on her face when she opened her small gift box with the keys to a new (used)car. She was very excited and we were happy to be able to do it for her. She is a great kid and a straight A student and we couldn't be prouder!


my daughtesr b-day last year included a Taylor Swift concert...so fun! Would love these papers to scrap some of her birthday highlights! Thanks for the chance!!


I can't remember the last party I attended, its been so long, but I am planning a croquet party for the summer and am inspired by the table settings that Eddie Ross does!

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The last party I attended was the one I threw for my 13 yr old son. We had great food, presents and apple pie. No cake for our family...it's all about the pie.I will bookmark your blog and and check again here regularly, thanks a lot, I hope you will offer more valuable stuff for us, I couldn't wait to learn it.

Rochelle Kay

Last party I attended was Christmas Party, and since we have summer Christmas here in South Africa, we made bright orange and blue bunting flags. It was so pretty!

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