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January 31, 2012


Ann Marie

The last party I attended was Christmas Eve at my house --- I did little party favors for everyone, I of course used a ton of glitter and confetti everywhere ..... but it was filled with warmth and fun and love. I think everyone liked the small touches.

tina phillips

the last party I had was a back to school party when the kids went back ti school after an insanely long winter break.....lol. They had fun tho.....we watched movies that day and had lots of party type food and pizza :)

Theresa Grdina

The last party I attended was the party my we gave for my daughter who had been out of the country for 1.5 years! We invited her friends and their parents to our house for dinner...and we laughed our heads off!! My favorite part of the evening? Sharing stories and remembering the funny things our kids have done! It was great!!!


I love parties! An I love this line and minialbum!


The last party I attended was the one I threw for my 13 yr old son. We had great food, presents and apple pie. No cake for our family...it's all about the pie.

Heather Topich

My favorite party is not one that I've been to... but one that I'm planning: a tea party for my almost 7 year-old's birthday. It's going to be pretty and fun. Can't wait!

Becky Williams

We recently had a party for my now-6 year old. It was at Chuck E Cheese and I think that her favorite part was going in the booth where you get to try and catch as many tickets as you can. Silly girl. This collection and the project are just way too cute!

emily (justem)

I haven't been to a part in forever! The last one was birthday party back in November. However I am hard at work preparing for my first joint birthday party for a 1 and 3 year old in March...so many fun options!

Mary-Ann M.

I can not remember the last party I attended. Sad. I am about to attend a party at a laser tag facility. Think there will be any pretty party favors there??? Probably not. However, my favorite thing at a party is the children playing, eating cake and Ice cream like they have never had it before. I'm gonna throw a tea party for my close friends.


The last party I went to was a Christmas party. Nothing fancy in terms of decorations, but it was just fun to be among friends!

Ellie A.

Last party I attended a was tea party thrown by my 5 yr. old. I had to get dressed up (as per request) & we sat and chatted & she had drawn the sweetest of pictures to decorate her room (tea room)& I brought the cupcakes and tea (fruit juice)It was one sweet time & I can't wait to do it again!


I love parties and love to send beautiful cards.


The last party....was Christmas Eve. I threw the party and it was great. I made a pinata for the kids and had yummy food to cobble dogs with. A perfect start to the festive season, yay!


Every year on the first day of spring, my mom and sisters and I have a party. We call it spring fling. There are always fresh flowers, good food, and new magazines for inspiration!

Wendy Kwok

The recent party is my daughter 5th birthday party. We die cut tags n handmade 26 of them for her little friends. We loved packing the goodie bag.. Love choosing the cake! Oh that was delicious ... The fun is in planning the party with her


My most recent was new years eve...and the thing I loved most about it was the laughter...thinking back over the memories still makes me laugh out loud.

christy a

My most recent is my daughter's 3rd birthday. I loved watching her face when she saw her tangled cake for the first time! And, watching her enjoy her party was priceless.

laura stewart

I went to my niece's birthday - loved the decorations

Amy S. (AmyBug)

The most recent was my son's b-day party. I spent a whole day making him a batman belt, gauntlets, mask, a banner and card that matched all out of patterned paper and cardstock. Then I had special ordered a batman signal cake pan and made him a homemade cake. The look on his face was worth every second spent making it.

Pretty Party is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance! :)


I was in my friend's party- one year since she recovered from a very bed accident, I enjoyed a lot, mostly people around and good music!

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