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January 18, 2012



love the paper, especially the 6x6 pad!

Cathy G

Red bingo chips!! Lovely...

Carol Douglass

I love the bingo chip..so vintage, I really like all of the embellishments with the map backgrounds. The ledger paper is wonderful, and all the stickers with typewriters, love the date stamp. I could go on and on....

jennifer Camplin

Ooo, fun goodies!!

Heart ~ typewriter & old camera.
And the corkboard papers!


Amazing, love all the embellishments!


I love the map paper! This collection is gorgeous!


Such a cute line! Love the colors and embellishments. :)

miss morgan...

loving all the patterned papers, but my absolute favorite is the paterned paper on the back of the accent cuts, so cool! i can also tell that those decorative tapes are going to be a huge hit!


So lovely. The cut-out tags & accents are my Favs. Thx!

Sarah W

love that airmail strip paper. This is a fantastic line. The washi tape is awesome too!


The whole collection is perfect, but I think the decorative tape is a super fun addition. Am looking forward to tomorrow's preview too-

Amy Coose

I love this new line so much!!! The tapes are my favorite!

Melinda T

Great line! I'm loving that vintage map/corkboard sheet and the bingo chips are fun!

Kelly Swosinski

I just love that little lady holding the suitcase!! So darling!

LG Belarmino

oh my goodness i love every single piece of this collection especially the Bingo Chips! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! i cant wait to get all of these once its available.


OH! love the colors :) ... hmm... fave, would be those cool tags and cutouts! oh and the brads!

Beth Ann

I officially love every single bit of this collection but if I MUST pick a favorite piece - the tape and wood frames are awesome!

tina phillips

I'm loving this!! The color palette is right up my alley and I just love all the bits and pieces that come with this one....especially the bingo markers!!!


Love the papers...can't wait to see it in person. Brads are fab and the tape...want to see it!! Thanks for the chance to win some!!!!!!!!!!

Becky H

My mouth is hanging open. I love it all and want it now. Great line and can't wait to get my hands on it.

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