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October 18, 2011


Melissa Rusk

I adore this so much! Petals is my favorite, those flowers are perfection!


This collection is SO pretty! I love the color combination! My favorite is definitely Romance. Thanks for the chance!

Rebecca Luminarias

I'm having a hard time choosing between Friendship and Valentine...love the Friendship color combo but then there are those lacy hearts on the Valentine paper. Can't decide!

wendy smith

it just has to be LOVE LETTER...those little pink hearts on the aqua background disguising themselves as polka dots...too precious!

Joy Hadden

I love the 6x6 papers because they are on a smaller scale and perfect for card making. The red lacy heart and wood texture paper is my favorite.


oh my gorgeous!!! this is amazing and i would love to get my hands on it!!


Love letter really spoke to me.Tell me someday there will be a "Crate" Halloween collection-it would be the best Halloween ever!

Bethany C.

Such a fabulous collection! I love that sweet floral 'Petals' paper.

G. Duve

Such a beautiful line. I love the red side of the delicate paper most. Thanks for the chance to win.

Greetings from Germany.

Colleen B.

Define has to be one of my favourites - love the shade of pink and the journal paper with such lovely words. ove the vintage feel to the entire range :)


wow, i love them all but i'd have to say petals is my fave. and delivery comes in at a close second! now i am looking forward to valentines more than xmas this year. ;)

Angela Fehr

This is so pretty & when you love something, you find lots of ways to use it, not just Valentine's! I love the wood grain in Valentine and the soft doilies in Delicate!


Swoon! I couldn't possibly choose, they're all so gorgeous. Love Letter and Friendship are probably tied for my must-have-in-multiples. I cannot wait. :)

Sheri E.

Sigh, I can't pick a favorite, but if I must I'll say Love Letter, but it's only a fave by a smidge. I love the card stock stickers. Must use what I have so I can buy more! Or win it!


it's so hard to choose, i'm stuck between love letters and valentine...aww do i really have to pick?? LOL......love letters!

ali parris

Oh for goodness sake! As soon as I promise myself no more paper you bring this out.....it's gorgeous :0) I love 'love letters' but also 'cupid', oh who am I kidding I think they are all stunning. I can't wait to see them properly :0) Off force myself to use some of my stash to make room for this collection!!


Friiendship is my fave !! Here in France we do not make many valentine cards, but with this collection, I'm sure we'll love to !!


it's a very beautiful collection ! I love the paper yellow :)


Wow - once again a gorgeous collection - I love the paper (as always) and Friendship cos it is so bright and Valentine - can't bead doilies and woodgrain are my favourites..


My favourite paper is LOVE LETTER, love the blue hearts and the ledger!!!!

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