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July 12, 2011



Loooooooooove the bicycle with the doilies within its wheels -- completely adorable and I want about a dozen of them. :-) I love the randomness of Random and would love to adopt it for my own. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

DeeDee Catron

I can't get over how wonderfully random the Random Collection is.. the colors, the patterns.. they're so ridiculous wrong for each other that they're right! I think it's the stack of die cuts that keeps me comin' back!


I'm so in love with Random!!!! I hope random.org picks me!!! Crossing fingers and toes every so tightly!!!!

AMAZING Collections!!!!!

Donna C

Crate is officially in my top 2 companies!!! You outdid yourselves ! I had no plans to buy anymore Xmas paper, but u changed my mind and the Random collection??? sWOON!


Well... CP is making sure I give *all* my money to these new collections! :)

ashley bennett

Wow, these collections are so gorgeous. This Christmas line is by far my favorite that I've seen. I love that all of these lines are so versatile!

Lacey I

OMG i think i just about passed out!! I am a HUGE CP fan!!! And both these lines and all the parts will be part of my scrapbook life!! The fuchsia and navy is a hot combo in the Random line!! Mixed in with all the yellows and greys! I'm overjoyed! And that holiday line is AWESOME!!! Both lines I'm more then thrilled to create with!!


Love them both. Peppermint is perfectly balanced and Random looks like it will be delightfully versatile!

rebecca keppel

Awesome! you all have knocked it out of the park again! Love the "denim" in random and Peppermint is the only Christmas line I will buy!

Fran Brunke

I scrapbook the way I dress - always mix'n'match, and the more random the better with colour and texture. So I was really happy about the Random collection...and then I saw the snow globe and the Night Before Christmas paper. You got me. Really love what you're doing there at CP!


both lines are another must-have for me! i am lovin the random line!!!


I thought Farmhouse would be my favorite, but after seeing the complete collections, I really LOVE Random for all the cute and quirky elements. I esp. am drawn to those buttons since my avatar is a blue butterfly!


Wow what faboulous colours and patterns you made. I love them both. But if I have to choose it would be Random. LOL :)

Jessica G

Oh wow, wow, wow! The collections are amazing too!!!

Vicki Bailon

I am so in love with the Random Collection, the colors are so vibrant!!


I love, love, LOVE Random! So great. Love the aqua woodgrain on the back of the title cards. Love the denim, love it!! The Christmas line is one of the best winter releases I've seen this CHA, as well. Great work!

Olivia L.

Each line - Incredible! I was so taken aback by Random's personality and flair I had to look several times! And Pepper mint has me reaching for my huge cocoa mug :) Thank you!!

jan metcalf

I am definitely your Random winner!! Awesome new line!! Great embellies! Really like the holiday line too! Colors are fantastic!

Brenda Smith

OMG so much fabulousness! I absolutely NEED every collection! Random is stunning.

Sav O'G

OHH! I love both of these lines--I really like the gray and red papers in the first line! LOVE LOVE LOVE:) THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

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