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July 12, 2011


Andrea MacDonald

You know what I love about your Christmas line? It can totally be used in a non Christmas project!!!!
Absolutely GORGEOUS lines!!! Can't wait to get my hands in them.


Very lovely!!! I love the papers of two collections!!!


Really like the Textile paper. Great color combo.

tina phillips

Ok, i am not normally one for girly kits but I love Random!!! It's just girly enough without being over the top and so colorful and funky!!! And peppermint...omgosh.....I have met very few crate paper collection I didn't like, especially holiday ones and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this one!!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Julie M

More fabulous colours - that gorgeous mustard yellow in both lines is leaping out at me!!


Miranda Wedekind

O my 2 other great collections. Love the Christmas one for sure!!


The Random collection is SO up my alley! This is DEFINITELY on my "must have" list!!!!


As usual you have blown me away!! Cant decide which is my fav. Love the random line it kinda reminds me of Emmas Shope in summer :) the peppermint is PERFECT for my Christmas winter style. Thanks for the chance to win!


How gorgeous - and DIFFERENT! I LOVE the addition of the denim - that just sends my mental wheels spinning!!! And that Christmas line is phenomenal - gorgeous, but so versatile in the color scheme! I will be scooping these up ASAP!!! :)


Soooo excited to see a Christmas line with color! Awesomeness! Really love the bright jewel tones in both collections - way to rock it for this release, Crate team!


Gorgeous collections!! So much fun!

Michele S

Random has my heart doing flips. The Christmas collection is lovely also.

Petra Offrell

Absolutely adore the random collection ♥

Sophia Allison

OMG I am loving them both, what sweetness...I am going to be broke!!!

tami white

OMGSH I loooove that denim paper and the letters from the Random line-GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

Holly H.

I love both collections, but I am kinda obsessed with the gingerbread paper!


oh heck.
crate is the death of my wallet.
i can't stand it.....your stuff is toooooo dang gorgeous!!!! You've blown me out of the water once again!!!!!


Crate, you are blowing my mind. Random is incredible, and so Crate. I am on tenterhooks to see how you can top this with day 3!


omg!!These are both gorgeous!!! Oh, I love them!!! Great work!!

Kim Boken

LOVE the colors of random..that is a definite must have!!
I like the playfulness of the Peppermint collection!! LOVE them both!!

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