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July 29, 2011



I probably use BLUE more than any other color on my scrapbook pages. I scrap mostly about my son and Blue is the color of choice

Megan A

the color blue reminds me of my daughter playing in the pool!

Cyndee K.

Blue reminds me of SO many things - it's my favorite color! I love using blues for pages about both my son & daughter...

Cheryl Leong

Wow wow wow!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Oh my goodness, just look at the kit!!!!!! Blue reminds me of the sea, the beautiful sea. I would like to make waves from pattern papers and cardstock. Fingers crossed

Rhonda H

My Mom loved blue. She wore blue, decorated with blue...even her wedding china had a wedgwood blue rim. I'm a little blue missing my mom. My son's favorite color is blue. Our new pool is blue. Blue is good.


Blue reminds me of water! :D Beautiful, crystal clear water.


Blue makes me think of the sky, and the ocean and my son's beautiful eyes.


I love blue! I would probably use the the kit for scrapping about my wedding as the only blue I can think about right now is my something blue. :)


The sky...! I love the sky :)


Blue always reminds me of the ocean....love being at the beach!

Ellie A.

For me it would have to be a Navy Blue.. Strong,mysterious and classic ... hey I'm sounding pretty good right now :) Thanks for the chance!

Sarah W

Love this kit. The blues make me think of the water. I want to scrap my pics from Hawaii with this!

Linda Trace

Blue reminds me of the beautiful blue skies we are so lucky to have hear practically year-round,

and blue reminds me (most of all) of the eyes of my 2 daughters and husband. I love that we all have the same colour :)

Theresa Grdina

EEK! I would love to win this kit!!!! The color blue reminds me of the winter time....I would use this vibrant kit to scrapbook some of my most favorite winter pictures: my hubby and I snowshoeing....and my dog getting lost in the 23" of snow we got in one day! What fun!!


blue reminds me a clear heaven, a good and shining day!


blue reminds me of my son-would love to use this kit to scrap pictures of him!!!


The color blue reminds me of big blue skies and kites and blue birds flying and sweet summer days in the sun.


Love Crate! The color blue reminds of the sky and the ocean. I would scrap photos from our road trip and some from the beach.


Blue reminds me of how big and beautiful my daughters eyes were as a small child.(before she grew into them). My how they grow up fast! I would love to use some blue ink and distress the edge of a mini chipboard book then ink around it. I have not really used blue for inking with.

Debbie C

Blue reminds me of the things I love the most in nature- the ocean, with its endless blue waters and the blue sky on a beautiful sunny day! You can guess what I would be scrapping with this kit ;) Thanks for the chance to win!

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