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July 29, 2011


tina phillips

thank you so much for a chance to win.......for me the color blue means calm and cool!I think of blue skies and calm waters....relaxing and hanging out and just being carefree :)


Blue reminds me of summer and see, preferably on a white beach. love the papers!!!

Giedre Lauri

My daughter has blue eyes, these are the most beautiful in the whole World! She got them from her daddy, who has blue eyes too. When I am scrapping I use blue a lot, just to reflect their eyes

Cassandra Chen

Woo, how fun!! Blue reminds me of the sea and the sky...something serene about the colour! Because it's my fav colour, just scrapping with it makes me happy! But I would go for a family summer theme layout! Preferably picnic n random shots!:) Thanks for the chance to win the awesome giveaway!:)


Gorgeous kit! Blue reminds me of the incredible blue sky of a summer's day, and of the oceans that are all around us here in NewZealand. I would make a summer mini album with it. Or go a bit painterly with it inspired by Blue phase Picasso and grunge it up into a mini all about me..the not so easy things...


The patterns are so soft and relaxed - the type of paper you buy more then once because you keep using it.

jan m

Blue waters.....a lake in northern WI, Caribbean seas, Mexican beach, the swimming pool....


Blue was the color of my father's eyes. My sister and I got my mother's brown eyes though. But blue also is the color of the sky and it's what's over all of our heads all the time. I'd love to make something with my father and his blue blue blue eyes sitting outside under the blue skies.

meghan c

Blue reminds me of water, the ocean, a pool, all different types of water. This kit is perfect for my Costa Rica pictures!

Debbie Burns

Gorgeous kit! The blue reminds me of the perfect day, blue skies, puffy white clouds and sunshine!! The kit is perfect for my outdoor pictures!

Andrea B.

I guess the color blue reminds me of vacation- probably because 95% of our vacations are somewhere by a beach somewhere. Being outside on a "blue bird" day, as my father would call it. Thanks for bringing out the memories!


i love the colour BLUE, so blue reminds me of love, love, love. but on top of that, blue reminds me of the ocean, and the sky above it. love it when different shades of blue come together, so i would love to use blue sparkles on blue for a tone-on-tone look. love, love, love! (:


The color blue reminds me of a beautiful ocean and a big blue sky! I love lots of beach photos to scrap and I would love to use this wonderful kit!!

Deb Pereira

The color blue reminds me of water, especially deep ocean blue. The ocean is my favorite place to be and I'd be swimming, snorkeling or paddleboarding in that blue water!

Bailey S.

Blue reminds me of the Bahamas!! Love the new line!


The color blue reminds me of my husbnad eyes...enough said I won't get mushy. But I would make at least one fabulous page and a few cards:)


Blue reminds me of the Baltic Sea we are living right at!! And I think I should scrap some photos of the beach days coming up, when the weather starts to brighten up here in northern Germany!! :)

Jan Garber

Most definately the blues are so peaceful and calming...like the gorgeous oceans. I use all shades, with no one as my favorite. Love them all!

Amy S.

Blue reminds me of a sparkling lake or the sky on a sunny day. I just got back from South Dakota and am looking forward to creating layouts about Lake Sylvan and many other blue sky days.


I love the color blue and it reminds me of a warm summer day, swimming the pool, my sons and of my late mother, who love the color, because it feels like such a peaceful color

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