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July 29, 2011



Blue reminds me of my little home town, the sea, the sky, the breeze (yes I know, a breeze does not have a color but if it would have, I am sure it would be bright blue :-). -Sigh- I am living in a big city and the sky has been grey for weeks now... I would need that superb kit to make my sky blue again! :-)


Blue reminds me of my children's eyes :-) There are SO many scrapping opportunities to use this color as I have SO many photos of them! It also reminds me of the color of the ocean on my honeymoon in the Maldives 12 years ago - something else I still have to scrap!!! :-) The design team's work is fantastic - thanks for the inspiration :-)


WOW, awesome kit and the sneaks look incredible! Blue reminds me of the blue sky and that there are endless possibilities out there so go seize the day! Lots of ways to use blue since I have a 4 year old son; playing outside, prek photos, pool, beach...I would love to get my hands on this kit and make some layouts!

Karen Williams

blue is my teenage bedroom and the quilt i hand stitched for it

Jennifer Chapin

Blue reminds me of water...the pool more exactly! Thanks for the chance to win, I love this kit!!


the color of turquoise blue reminds me of the lakes at the Glacier Park National I went last year. I got a thousand picture of that trip. Cardstock of that color is so beautiful so if I win the awesome kit, I'd work on two albums of that trip since I took a thousand pictures.
thanks for the giveaways.


Blue reminds me of the gorgeous sky!!

Brenda Weaver

oooh! Thanks for the chance to win! I can't think of anything better than Crate Paper and Studio Calico!!
Blue reminds me of the ocean and the sky and my kids' blue, blue eyes!

Julia M. in MI

The color blue is all about water, summer and relaxation. I live near some man-made lakes. So everytime I drive down the road past them in the cloudy days af late winter/early spring, they give me hope that summertime, with it's lazy days and beach outings, is coming. Thinking of the blue waters of lake Michigan always helps me relax.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Tasha Zismer

Blue just makes me happy! I would do a layout about the blue ocean and the sound of the waves, or the beautiful blue eyes both of my daughters have, or just a layout using somoe fun, happy pictures of things we did this summer!


The color blue reminds me a relaxing day at the sea! Love blue!! I´m crossing my fingers, thanks for the chance to win this awesome kit!!

caroline hancock

my favourite colour EVER is TEAL so this kit was made for me, it reminds me of alot of things but most of all sereneness (is that even a word ha)

Jenny Brannies

Blue reminds me that my little boy, who is Autistic, FINALLY told me his favorite color the other day.. after years of me asking what is was. He just came up to me after playing with his cars and said "Mommy, my favorite color is blue!". I cried and cried for a good 15 mins. Little things like that with him are the BEST!

Angie McGrew-LeBlanc

I have 2 rooms painted 2 different shades of blue, the livingroom and the computer/craft room. If it were up to me alone the shutters outside would also be blue....guess you could say I like blue..lol

Mickie Holladay

The color blue reminds me of the sky and the ocean. I have some beach pictures and some from an aquarium visit coming in any day now and this collection would work great! Thanks for the chance to win!

Pam Bray

Reminds me of blue seas, blue skies and my father in laws blue eyes, Miss him would probably have to use to scrap some of my favorite thinkgs. pammejo1@yahoo.com

renee griffith

blue reminds me of the pool! our boys love the pool! it would be a great kit to scrapbook that, thanks for the chance to win

Charissa m

Blue is a calming color for me. I also think of the ocean when I think of blue. I'd love to have that blue in my scrapping space someday

Jen McBride

blue....speckly robin eggs in a nest and the bitty flowers in a planter on my front porch. thanks for the chance to win!

Jasmine Ford

The color blue is my absolute favorite color. It reminds me of the ocean...of which I am thankful that I live very close too. I love that every shade of blue imaginable is found in the ocean. I have 2 little boys and they both love the color blue too...I would do some pages of them from this summer playing in the water, this kit would be perfect for that!

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