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July 29, 2011


Lara Carson

The color blue reminds me of beautiful eyes, skies, M&M's, and Sapphires...that is quite a range of color for blue, but I love them all!

Karin BG

A turquoise blue, my fave, reminds me of a tropical ocean. One day I hope to have towels that color in my bathroom!


Blue reminds me of calm, so that would leave a lot of scrappy options! Maybe a LO or two of my son & his "blue" eyes.

Amy Coose

Oh, thanks for the chance to win! Blue reminds me of the ocean, and I'd use the kit for all my summer pics.

christy a

They are so beautiful! The blue reminds me of the ocean, or pool. They would be perfect for all of the swimming lessons and pool pictures from this summer! Thanks for the chance! :)

Kelly Massman

The color blue reminds me of the sea and I would use this for my San Diego pictures when they arrive at my doorstep! Thanks so much for a chance to win this fantastic prize!!!!!!!

Cassie G

This blue definitely work well for summer photos, reminds me of the pool, and relaxing summer skies. Thanks for the chance to win!


The color blue reminds me of the beach! Oh i wish I was there!

Amy Cannon

It reminds me that I STILL need to paint my kitchen this nice muted teal... :)
Love the crate papers!!! woot woot!!


Blue reminds me of relax.. peaceful.. I would use it for all my summer photos.. Thanks for the chance to win.. can't wait.

Amanda J

The color blue reminds me of being outside on sunny day with my girls and hubby. SO many things I would do with all the wonderful colors of blue in this kit...I see scrapping many of those fun everyday summer photos! Thanks for the chance!

kimberly b

Blue reminds me of peace. I'd love to use these papers for my honeymoon pictures as we went to the Caribbean and they would be perfect!


Blue reminds me of relaxing; peaceful and quite pool or ocean. I'd defintely scrap pics of my little one in the pool. Thanks for the chance!


The colors in this kit are perfect for summer pictures at the lake or fishing adventures, because the water in these photos is usually nowhere close to true blue, it's more greenish blue like the colors here and these will complement them perfectly! Plus how can you go wrong when you mix the two best colors - green & blue!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

What an AWESOME giveaway!! The color blue reminds me of my best friend... it is her fave color and every time I see it, I think of her! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

April W

How exciting!! Two of my favorite companies. ;) The color blue always makes me think of my daughters...they both have the most amazing blue eyes!
- April W


Blue reminds me of the ocean. Probably because I live near it and I'm a marine biologist. In 10 days, we are going to stay at a rented house near the beach with my parents, my brother and his family (the same beach we used to visit when my brother and I were growing up). I would use the kit to scrap pictures of my son and nieces playing on the beach.

Julie, momto7

Blue reminds me of BOYS, of which I have 3. :) Thanks for the giveaway!!


That kit screams my name! :D

Blue, right now, reminds me of the water in Mexico and how much I wanna go back. Soooo... I'd scrap Mexico-photos! :D

Thanks for the chance to win! :D

Laurel S

Blue makes me think of sunny spring skies, not summer... to hot for me ;) I would scrap some everyday type of photos, they are my favorite pages to do.

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