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June 20, 2011



wow that is so cute great idea!!!

tracy coville

These are so cute amazing thank you!

Nisha Jacob

Fabulous idea :)


I love the idea but the paint is peeling right off! (it is for metal) Any tips?

Mrs Ergül

I absolutely love the colour of these magnetic boards!!

Carmen Crosseti Henriquez

Very cool idea!

Patty Gardner

Those are absolutely awesome. I never would have thought of doing something like that but it is SO cute!

Account Deleted

This is such a great idea!! My kids love to post their art on the fridge this will take the load off the fridge!! Thanks for sharing. Love it!!

Custom ornaments

This would be an awesome idea for Christmas!!! Love the colors!!!


I love this idea! I tried to do this but the spray paint won't stick. It balls up for some reason and I'm thinking it's the baking sheet. Any suggestion?


I am having trouble with the Paint peeling off of the Tray also. It is made for Metal use do you have any suggestions?


Olá, bom dia!
Amei essa idéia, genial, amo artesanato.
Bjão e tenha uma linda semana.


SOOO cool... I made them with chalkboard spray paint!!!!!


I have been planned on doing these for my daughters kitchen/art area. Do one with chalk board paint, maybe even a corkboard when she gets older and of course one for magnets. Even different shapes too!


This is soooooo cool, a perfect mothers day craft for my little guys or.... year end gift hmmmm you've got me thinking. It's a terrific idea, why didn't I think of that! Thanks

Jan Mason

HELP! I am trying to spray paint the cookie sheets and the paint is not sticking! It is just puddling in areas and not sticking. I am wasting the spray paint. How did you get it to stay? I am assuming it is because it is a non-stick cookie sheet? But I don't know if there are any other kind to buy?


Jan, I'm having the same problem with mine as well. I looked for JUST metal spray paint and couldn't find any. There was some just for plastic but none just for metal so I purchased some Krylon that says it can be used on metal. I tried painting them and the paint beaded and pooled. I was looking at it trying to figure out what to do to make it stick other than just primer and the paint started peeling off. I'm going to attempt to sand it with a sanding block to scratch up the surface area and then apply some primer. I have no other idea on how to make it work if this doesn't.


Does anyone know if you can use dry erase markers on them?


I love your work and your daughter's work. If I had free time I'll try this at home, maybe it would be a start of a business.

Sabrina Mix

Oi, linda!

Estou retomando as postagens no blog e seu projeto foi um dos meus escolhidos. Agora as inspirações são postadas via Pinterest.

Dá uma olhadinha aqui para conferir.

Beijos e sucesso!!!

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