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May 07, 2011



Love Davinie's project!! Gorgeous! My favorite MOM memory is standing in the kitchen and learning to cook with her. We made cookies, fried chicken and lots of Mexican food. :)


Happy Mother's Day everyone. Probably one of my favorite memories with my mom was at Easter she would take all of the lillies from Church and deliver them to older people who couldn't leave their house. I have always admired her willingness to give her time to others.

Emma Tandy

Happy Mothers day and National scrapbook day everyone, My favorite memories with my mum is when we used to cook lots of lovely cakes together and then throw a tea party for my friends in the Garden and of course a doll or two. Have a great weekend.


My mom was one of the leaders when I was in Brownies. There were so many memories but the top one was one time when I was baking, turned the mixer on waaaay too high and splattered batter all over the walls. Oops!


It would be driving from TX to NC w/ just my mom & my sister when we were little.


Lots and lots of cuddles - one of my Mum's cuddles could make just about anything better :D

Yu'er Zhang

Back to the early 80's in China, I was a little girl who stayed with grandparents miles away from my parents who had to work in the other side of the country, I treasured every vacation I had to ride in the train for 48hours to meet mom and dad. Every minute spent with mom was wonderful, especially when she took off from work,two of us just simply lay on the bed, ate biscuits and talked until dad arrived home! How I wish I could have some photo back then! Mom left us 8 years ago but I miss her every day.

Dale T (Australia)

Mum and I both scrapbook so this would be fantastic.
Best memory, probably Mum letting me bath my baby brother by myself. I was so pleased to be able to do it.

Cathy G

Happy scrapbooking day! One of my favourite memories with my mum (I'm english) was learning how to bake scones - I now make them regularly for my son's teachers.


Unfortunately my Mom worked retail most of the time I was growing up. However the most memorable and precious times were spent getting ready for the big holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We cleaned, baked and cooked together and she let me help with it all. The best highlight was just listening to the stories of when she was growing up and the traditions that she passed on to me. Those are priceless stories that I have carried on with my own family.

Clare Dempsey

My favorite moment with Mom, was anytime she winked at me. We would be in a crowd or at a function, and Mom would wink. It was her way of saying, "I love you and I'm proud of you!" across a crowded room. Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com


One of my Mum memories was when she made me a dress for my confirmation. It was made of white Broiderie Englaise and I loved it. Unfortunately the night before the big day, our dog pulled it down and chewed off all the buttons! My Mum fixed it so that no one would know x


My favorite mom memories were when she and I would go visit my great-grandmother for 2 whole weeks during the summer. Just the 3 of us (me, my mom, and great-grandmother), gardening, canning, playing, snoozing, and shopping. What could be better? Thanks for the chance to win!

Nicole Doiron

I've got the best MOM in the world... i adore her! She is a funny lady full of life, energy and character! The memories i cherish most is the times i spent watching her and my aunts (her sisters) having fun together, laughing, acting silly, even trying on each other's clothes (i remember i used to lay down on Mom's bed, watching them with awe and envy, wishing i had a sister too!) I wish i could go back in time and collect all the smiles and laughs that my Mom and I shared over the years (and still share in fact), keep them in a scrapbook forever. If there's one thing that my Mom taught me is that family is to be cherished! I have to say i have been blessed with a wonderful one!

Georgia Keays

One of my favorite moments shared with my Mum was whilst I was backpacking around Europe. This was in the days before mobiles and email so we only spoke twice a week. She had our itinerary though and every second city we'd go to the post office to collect our poste restant package - the weekly Aussie gossip mags, always with $20 stapled to the psychic column which we had to promise to spend on something fun :-) thanks so much for the chance to win!


My grandmother was more of a mother to me so I'll share a favorite memory with her.. I would spend my summers with her while I was growing up. while she never actually taught me to cook, I used to love sitting in the kitchen and watching her cook all day!


Snuggling up next to my mom while she read to me. The B is for Betsy books and Ramona books were favorites.

Kelly Massman

Cute! If I were to scrapbook a favorite moment from that of your childhood shared with "mom", what would it be all of the beautiful birthday cakes she made for me and my twin sister. For example, one year she made a cake that was like a lady in a fancy dress! I.e. the cake part was like the dress! Another year, she made cupcakes with little girl faces (like us)! I could go on! (about her cooking in general)

thanks also for a chance to win!


Oh, how cute! Let's see... a favorite memory was watching my mom bake bread when I was young. I never saw her do that anymore as we got older, but I remember those yummy slices of warm cinnamon-raisin bread slathered with butter that my mommy had made. :)


its got to be shopping with her! :) get to buy alot of stuff paid by her! she is such a wonderful, hardworking mum. Love her!

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