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April 26, 2011



WOW! Wonderful inspiration! Thanks a lot! Portrait is my favorite collection. No doubt!


Karen Williams

My favourite colour to scrap with is what I'm calling teal for me its a great unisex colour and can use it for all my children ( and I am wearing it today too)


Completely loving the inspiration! Thank you!! Totally into blues right now. With a touch of yellow for happiness!

DeeDee Catron

I've been loving the color commonly referred to as Watermelon.. or a bit prettier coral! Can't get enough of it, paired with a nice rich black it's to die for!


Love the details on that layout :D My favorite color would have to be coral pink and turquoise! :D


I am truly inspired! My fav color combo is pink and turquoise!!! :D Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!


I'm loving turquoise right now, especially w/ yellow and grey!


Absolutely stunning layout!!! I'm into browns and yellows lately!!!


It's green for me - in all kinds of shades. I should be Irish. :D

Amy Kilgore

coincidentally, this is also my new fave color! I just painted a shelf in my (black, white and yellow stripped)dinning room and a wicar planter on my front porch! although, I've been calling it Robin's Egg blue! thanks for the chance to win!

Tanya W

I love the colour combination of teal blue (aka dark green blue) and brown and it fills my house and wardrobe at the moment. Love your layout and it's "teal blue" features!

Kimberly B.

Love your color inspiration :) It's truly gorgeous and the dark green-blue is a great color :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Agnus Kasprzak

Simply gorgeous layout, and while I do love a little (ok maybe a lot) of turquoise on my layouts...dark lime green is my all time fave :)

Cim Allen

I'm also in to the blue family right now .. For the last 5 years it was lime green everything, but now I'm into a nice soft blue. Thanks for a chance to win !


Fabulous page ! If I'd pick just one color it would be blue fo me, but I'm am more a fan of color palettes for scrapbooking, and your combo is really great !

Lara Carson

I love the teal. It is such a great pretty color! I think it is such a warm coolor an invokes a comforting color.

Amy S.

I love grey and turquoise together right now. I have to say I go through phases with color favs but I've heard creative people sometimes do. I also love green. And blue. You can tell by the shirts in my closet. A good half of them are either green, blue or turquoise and my toenails are a turquoise as well. Lovely project and how brave to mix and match all the collections that way. :)

Kelly Massman

The layout is stunningly beautiful! I like all shades of green (well, most anyway)! :-) Thanks for a chance to win!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

That lo is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I loveeeeee all the details!! And my FAVE color is PINK... but I tend to work with GREENS more!!! Thanks for the chance! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

T Marie Wever

Beautiful! I am liking grays right now to go with all the bright springy colors!

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