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March 02, 2011



Yayyy! I've been waiting and waiting to get my hands on the Emma's Shoppe and Toy Box collections. So glad they will be available soon!

Beth W

I got me some Portrait and Emma on the way-I am so excited.Mind you I have 4 sons and 2 grandsons-but Emma was just irresistible!


Fantastic tutorial! When I saw the first picture, my initial I thought it was going to be complicated but I was wrong. Looks super fun and cute!

Ale Loiacono

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! What an awesome tutorial, thank you so very much!!!! :)


beautiful Larissa


How fun! can't wait for it to show up in the stores :)

Stephanie Johnson

This carousel is absolutely adroable! I love it!

Anita A.

That carousel is BEAUTIFUL!!! How creative! The UPS man just dropped off my box with 3 of the NEW collections! They are so much more amazing in person...and that's saying something! Cant wait to play!

Tina Phillips

OMG!!! How do you come up with these ideas??? AMAZING!!!! I am just taken aback....incredible !


What a beautiful carousel! I love it. I can't wait to get my Crate Paper STash and Play!! TFS~!

Tara Orr

holy cow - this is crazy amazing! you are such a talent larissa! LOVE everything you touch!

Jan Garber

All I can say is, "WOW"! Thanks for including the tutorial because I would have never thought it possible! It is adorable!


very beautiful, Clarissa! I've going to do this fun project for my 2 little children!


What's the due date to participate in the contest?


Great project! Love all the details!

Question about the challenge---when you say new collections--is that the four just releasing? Or does Restoration count? I am a slllooooowwww scrapper and don't have any of the just hitting stores items yet---so wanted to check on the newness of new! LOL

Andrea J

This project is BANANA'S! I love the new lines and can't wait to do a boyish project like this one for my little toy solider!

Annmaree (Emu)

whoa THIS is sooooo cool!!!

gorgoeus to boot!

What a talented and creative person who thought of and did that!


Fantastic what a lovely carousel Thank you for the easy to read and use instructions xx

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