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March 17, 2011



I know this is weird, being spring and all, and that I am sooooo ready for spring and not winter, but I love SNOW DAY! Neighborhood runs a close second -- Happy Green Day!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Beautiful card!! I love Emma's Shoppe. I started scrapbooking when my girls were 4 and 5, and I would love a whole bunch of Emma's Shoppe so that I can backtrack and scrap all of the wonderful infant and little girl pics that I have!! All of your collections are GORGEOUS!!

Celeste B.

I've been wishing for Emma's Shoppe and also Portrait. Decisions, decisions....I guess Portrait would be first on my list.

Sarah Martin

Gorgeous card Christine! I am in love with Emma's shoppe!

Wishing really hard that I will win that gorgeous collection!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Emmas Shoppe!!!!! It is *too* perfect!!!! *So* hoping I win!!!!!!!!!!!

Lexi D

I am totally in love with Emma's Shoppe! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!


I simple LOVE, no totally ADORE Emma's Shoppe!!!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this gorgeous collection!


Amy M.

My wish would be to have the Portrait collection it is just beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Amy Kilgore

Well, here's the thing... I really WANT Portrait, but as the mother of 3 boys I really NEED Toy Box, what a conundrum!

Jennifer Roach

I wish for the Portrait collection....it's gorgeous!

Jennifer Chapin

Definitely Emma's Shoppe....perfect for scrapping my little girl's pictures! Thanks for the chance to win!

susan Tutt

Oh how I wish, wish, wish for the beautiful portrait line! Now I am off in search of that four leaf clover!!

Laurel S

Gorgeous! I am wishing for all of them, CP rocks! I have Portrait on the way so my next wish is for Emma's shoppe!


I wish for safety and health in the light of the crises in Japan... all else seems so insignificant today.
The new lines are pretty--lovely card, Christine!
and Portrait is so beautiful.

Mary Jo

Toy Box!!! Happy St. Pat's Day :)


I've been wishing for Toy Box - I would love to surprise my sister (who has two little boys & is new to scrapbooking) with that awesome, boyish collection!

Christina Kopp

I LoVe all of the lines the same. I can always find the beauty in each and every sheet of paper,brad, chipboard & sentiment. I'm hoping for the chance to work with the neighborhood collection. I love everything from the rain boots to the little dogs. It is as "cute as a button" and would make me one "happy girl!!"


I've been drooling over the Portrait collection ever since it debuted on your blog! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Amy S.

I've been dreaming of ways to use Portrait since I saw the first sneaks of it. I have even dug out all my wedding pictures and scanned them in. I have a notebook of ideas for the pictures and papers. I love Toy Box too but Portrait is calling my name. :)


Well, my all time favorite CP release is "Restoration" (sheesh, that was the coolest release ever, in my opinion) but of the new CP collections, "Portrait" appears to be riiiiiiiiight up there! With "Restoration", that is. Love that old-school cool look that seems to be all over "Portrait." Such a pretty card, Christine!

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