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February 16, 2011



Thanks for the great tut...the bloom is so very sweet with the glitter!

heather i

Great tutorial! I often crinkle punched circles & layer them as flowers, but THIS rocks! I never spray mine & I'm going to have to give that a try! Also with the glitterr...WOW! Thanks for sharing this!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Thanks Tara for the tutorial!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this!! You are amazing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


Wow! Awesome tutorial, Tara!!! Thanks!!!

Annette A.

awesome tutorial.....love it...thanks for sharing

Lara Walker

Love this look! thanks for sharing how to do it... I can't wait to try some!

Daniela Caetano Basso

I loved this tutorial!!! Thanks!


i really like the flower, thanks for the tutoral!

Sarah Jay

Can I just saw how sweet the combination of patterns in this project is? Fun little tutorial too.


Great tutorial I've made these flowers before...but didn't think to add glitter ! They are fantastic!

Sharon Gullikson

Very cute. I like to use up my supplies, too.

Jennifer DeWolfe

Great idea adding the glitter! Never thought of that! Thanks for sharing!


Looove this!!!!!!!!


Beautiful!!! Great tutorial :)

Lori McCausland

Great tutorial! I'm gonna have to try this!

Carol Metully

AWESOME!!!!! Can't wait to try this! I'm saving this post so I don't forget one bit of it! Thanks!!!


Awesome, Tara! I always wondered how you kept your paper posies stiff on the outer edge! I have made many but mine are never as 'tough' as yours! So glad you shared the water tip!!


I'm going to try this, I love the look of the flowers. Thanks for sharing!!

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